Golf in the Olympics…& RGIII as a starter

Welcome to week two! Probably going to upset a lot of you with this one…

Seriously though… I HATE the Olympics in general but they went so far as to add golf to it. What the hell?? Who gets to chose the sports for this thing? It is so dumb.


Yes, I work somewhere where sports is on my entire work day. I tune out ESPN after awhile unless it’s something I want to hear. However, I DO NOT like golf or most sports involved in the Olympics whether it be summer or winter. I was extremely pissed when I heard about golf. You mean to tell me a ‘sport’ that people go on vacation to play is a worthy Olympic sport?! On what planet?! Glad everyone is enjoying a sport worthy of napping too.

Now on a completely unrelated sports topic… I think it is great that RGIII is starting for the Browns… I knew that was going to happen the minute he got there. 

That organization is a joke. Year in and year out they never have any idea what they are doing. RG will probably be injured by week 4. That offensive line is no better then the Redskins and he will continue to get sacked. At least, he is keeping his interceptions consistent though. I just can’t wait to watch the Browns take a nose dive like they do every season.

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