Relax, It’s Only Preseason

Football is back and after months and months of waiting, It is finally here, But we might be a little too excited.

Fans across the country clamored about their favorite teams these last few days as the preseason has begun. Rivals point and laugh if a new acquisitions don’t shine right away. Fans of teams who win start telling everyone who will listen that their team will go to the Super Bowl now. Everyone needs to sit back down and relax for a few minutes.

It’s only preseason, a lot of starting quarterbacks aren’t even playing. Teams who do play their starting offense do not do so for very long. The preseason has a purpose and it is not for teams to prove who’s better.

The preseason is for coaches to evaluate talent. The 90 man roster has to be cut down to 53 eventually, coaches want to see how players do in a game situation. The rookie who stands out in camp might not do the same in an NFL game, and likewise, the player who doesn’t exactly practice well can shine brightly in a game situation.

It doesn’t matter to some fans though. They will call a win a win and use every form of social media to brag about their second and third string team beating another teams second and third string team. That’s your decision, who am I to stop you? But, remember, I don’t want you complaining if that same team that lost in preseason thumps everyone in the regular season. It happens every single year.

The opposite is true as well, The “Preseason Champion” often struggles during the regular season, much to the dismay of fans who got their hopes up. Only to be left heartbroken.

Go ahead and enjoy football, it’s back, and we all missed it. But, don’t fall for the hype. It’s only preseason.

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