Ready to go Next Week

Aaron Rodgers didn’t take a snap in the Packers preseason game against the Browns. Instead he stood smiling on the sidelines next to Jordy Nelson and Brett Hundley.

He was also was shown talking with excitement to Sam Shields as the Packers 3rd and 4th string offenses showed flashes of brilliance in what would turn out to be a 17-11 Green Bay victory. 

In a sideline interview where the 2 time MVP seemed more intent on focusing on the field then on the cameras, Rodgers told the reporters that he realized the mortality of his own career and felt the urgency to win now with this team.

He also stressed that he had been watching his diet and trying to get back to playing weight but that he felt good and was in great shape. 

After being photobombed by Datone Jones, Rodgers ended with the fact that he would be on the field next week.

After losing Jordy Nelson in the preseason last year, it felt good to see the Packers stars safe and sound on the sidelines. 

However, the fans are excited to see that their star has recovered from a “disappointing” season where he threw for only 3,821 yards, and 31 touchdowns.

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