Don’t Let A-Rod In

By Brian Jones

Thankfully (and mercifully in some circles) Alex Rodriguez will be gone from the Yankees after Friday’s game. He’ll go home to Miami and rest, reflect and hopefully stay out of public view until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. He’s got his money and a new job title and he won’t be around the Yankee organization every day any more.


In my opinion, that’s not enough. There have been some rumblings about putting A-Rod into one of the most sacred places in baseball history: Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. I cannot be any clearer on this (and I speak for most of, if not all, of Yankee Nation when I say this): DON’T LET A-ROD INTO MONUMENT PARK.

I mean, ever. Don’t ever let him in there. That is hallowed ground in Yankee history. It is a place to remember and praise the immortals. Names like Ruth, DiMaggio, Munson, Jeter and Mattingly are out there. Legendary baseball and Yankee figures, MVPs, world champions, baseball pioneers and Hall of Famers make their home there. Alex Rodriguez does not belong there. Not now, not today, not ever, I cannot express this enough.

He’s an admitted cheater of the game of baseball and outside of being a contributing part of the 2009 World Series-winning team he’s done nothing to merit entrance. He won’t be remembered as a Yankee great, he doesn’t have  that landmark moment in his Yankee career. He’s not going to be remembered as a beloved player in Yankee lore and, quite simply, he doesn’t have caché or the makeup of what makes a Yankee a Yankee.

The organization owes him nothing. The fan base despises him. Baseball fans (for the most part) don’t particularly care for him or like him as a player. It would be an insult and disgrace to every inductee in Monument Park to allow Alex Rodriguez to be celebrated in this fashion. He’s got his new, shiny “job title”, he got a ring and he’s getting the remaining salary on his contract. That’s more than enough. They have gone above and beyond to give him what he wants (even after he lied to them and threw then under the bus several times). He doesn’t deserve this. 

Don’t let him in Monument Park.

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