If I Only had an Arm…

Teddy Bridgewater almost has it all as a quarterback…

He has a rising team, a good coach, a stable defense, a talented receiving core and one of the best running backs of all time.

Just about any quarterback in the league would probably jump at the opportunity to switch places with him in a heartbeat. 

So why doesn’t Teddy succeed?

I can hear the arguments already…

His percentages were high, his rating was decent.

Of course they were, this team is set up for him to effortlessly be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s got tons of speed, athletic ability and potential all throughout the receiving core and a solid redzone threat at tight end. Safeties, corners and linebackers focusing on AP, and a defense to keep the games close by giving up the fifth fewest points in the league last year.

Bridgewater’s answer to one of the most perfect setups for a quarterback in the NFL?  14 TDs, accompanied by a long pass of 52 yards. 

His offensive line was horrible…

Blake Bortles has been sacked 23 more times than “Two Gloves” in the same amount of time in the league. Need I say more?

His main job is to hand off to AP…

Plenty of quarterbacks have had great running backs to hand off to and still put up incredible numbers. As a matter of fact most QB’s get docked for having a guy to take the pressure off of them. Why is Bridgewater all of a sudden the exception?

Nick Foles got benched by the Rams for having the same numbers as Teddy halfway through the season in 2015, and he had Gurley to handoff to. Why didn’t he get the same excuse?

Didn’t you see that game that one time when Teddy led a comeback against that one team?

Don’t come at me with that comeback nonsense. All that means is he didn’t do enough in the first 58+ minutes of the game and the only reason he still has a chance is because his running back and defense carried him.

I don’t understand the mystique around a guy who has been one of the most impotent passers statistically in his short career. He doesn’t make a ton of mistakes, I’ll give you that, but he doesn’t produce either.

I get it, Minnesota hasn’t had a quarterback for awhile now, and the fans and coach aren’t giving up on this guy any time soon. Same mistake they made with Ponder and T-Jax.

Teddy Bridgewater almost has it all…

If he only had an arm.

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