The Hall of Fame Game Cancelled…

So first off you mean to tell me that something I’ve been looking forward to all summer is not happening?! This is down right infuriating!

I’m slightly annoyed that this happened to say the least. I was looking forward to actually watching football! I’m sick of all the other stuff on tv right now. I can’t do the Olympics unless it’s soccer or rugby. 

So they cancelled the hall of fame game due to bad field conditions. Well thank god for that! 

There just might be some hope left for the NFL…The fact that the game was cancelled due to bad field conditions is quite amazing! The NFL actually used common sense to make sure the players were safe.  We do not need a repeat…I’m glad since the last time my team; the GreenBay Packers; played a preseason game on a bad field we lost the key proponent to our offense. We all know what happened to Jordy Nelson in presason last year.

So we as a whole football community are robbed of a game, but at least that means one more week of healthy players, but let’s get it together people! Get your fields straight!

Because I’m ready for some football!

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