Marvin Harrison and Philadelphia

During Marvin Harrison’s Hall of Fame induction speech, he made a comment about  Philadelphia that doesn’t sit well with some.

The exact quote was “I’m from Philadelphia, home of the Eagles” Harrison said “If you get the coin toss wrong, they want to trade you first thing Monday morning, so I wasn’t used to that in Indianapolis”

Many Philadelphia fans were upset, but many fans “owned” it. The Eagles fan base is notorious for not being friendly when things don’t go right. The chant goes “We’re from Philly, no one likes us and we don’t care”. Does that sound like a fan base that easily gets offended? Not likely.Listening to local Philadelphia radio, most fans are proud of the stigma. Eagles fans can be mean and nasty, yes, they threw snowballs at Santa and batteries as well. They throw beer in particular. Fans will boo their own team for having to punt.

You think those kinds of fans care than Marvin Harrison doesn’t like them? It’s not like he’s all that innocent either, remember when Harrison was accused of attempted murder on a drug dealer? A drug dealer who a short time later ended up dead. Way to be an upstanding citizen Mr Harrison.
So no, Eagles fans don’t care that Marvin Harrison doesn’t like them. Maybe they are mean and nasty, but at the end of the day, they are loyal to their team. Eagles fans have been waiting for a NFL championship since 1960, so of course they have reason to be a little angry.

Eagles fans still show up to games every Sunday during the regular season, win or lose. 

“We’re from Philly, no one likes us and we don’t care”.





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