UFC 202 is Coming.

By LaDonna Williams

On August 20th, UFC pay per view will be here. The fight the fans have been waiting for is Nate Diaz vs Connor McGregor 2. 

For the people who don’t know what happened in the first fight, McGregor lost his belt to Diaz during that fight. Diaz won the fight by submission. Everyone watching the fight wasn’t expecting that outcome. This fight that is about to take place, is redemption for McGregor. Do I think McGregor will lose again, no, but he can’t take Diaz lightly. Neither fighter has fought since their last match that took place in March.

 The main fight isn’t the only match fans are excited to see. 

On this fight card there are several other fights that should be great. The co-main event on pay per view is #2 Anthony Johnson vs #3 Glover Teixeira. 

This fight is the first fight for Johnson since his injury. This matchup should be great as both men are awesome strikers. We may see some jiu-jitsu from Teixeira. From Johnson we may see some kickboxing and wrestling moves. 

My prediction for this match up; Johnson wins by decision.Another fight that is on the undercard is #10 Rick Story vs #14 Donald Cerrone. This fight should be interesting because these two men have completely different fighting styles. 

Rick Story used to wrestle in college, so those moves play a big part in his fighting style. As well, he is a great boxer, who is known to be very strong. Cerrone, on the other hand, is a great kick boxer (that is how he started an amateur career) than later on learned may say, jiu-jitsu, and boxing.  

Both men have won their last two fights, so we know what that means. Someone has to lose, but the question is, “who?”

There are several other fights that are on this pay per view, but these three are the ones I know a lot of fans are truly interested in. 

There is a woman’s fight on this card, it is #8 Raquel Pennington vs Elizabeth Phillips. I truly feel this might be an upset fight, because Phillips knockout percentage is very high.

In conclusion, I have a strong feeling this pay per view will be better than UFC 200, which I was kind of disappointed in. 

There are a lot of great matchups that the fighters are almost exactly the same in so many ways or they are completely different. I will be glued in that Saturday night waiting for the excitement.

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