New Head Coach Dirk Keotter Showing Wrinkles in Buccaneers Offense

 Of course he is going to focus on the relationship and timing between his blossoming quarterback, Jameis Winston, and star receiver, Mike Evans.

Coach Keotter knows that a lot of his success with this squad is going to land squarely on their shoulders. 

…we’re going to come out of that tunnel…and then we’re going to show the world.

If Winston can help Evans find the end zone as often as he did in his rookie season, while maintaining his reception and yardage totals, this offense will already be dangerous.

As if that isn’t enough, Coach Keotter has decided to make it even harder for defenses to upset their rythym, by flirting with the idea of spreading prolific pass catching running back, Charles Simms and athletic monster tight end, Austin Sefarian Jenkins out wide in certain formations.

“We’ve got to keep building because we’re not where we’re supposed to be yet. But we’re going to come out of that tunnel, Lord willing, when we play Atlanta Sept. 11 and then we’re going to show the world.” Keotter said.

Koetter’s relationship and success with Winston last year is a major reason why he is now leading this team, and why the rest of league should start to worry about what is brewing down south.

Coach Keotter is known as a very humble man, but if his team embraces his philosophy, he should have a lot to be proud of in the near future. 

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