It’s about Damn Time!

Fitzpatrick is not a great quarterback. Hell, he may not even be good, and to take it a step further, he’s actually pretty horrible.

What he is good at though, is making friends and winning over his teammates and fans, and getting a city, state and even his rivals to believe in him.

This contract deal took six months, and I know the 33 year old veteran, who just had the best season of any Jets quarterback in the team’s history, suffered quite a blow to his pride.

The positive in that for Fitzpatrick, is that he seems to play way better when no one believes in him, when fans laugh, and coaches urge him to not take any chances that might keep the team from winning.

With his skill set, being the game manager, seems to be the perfect role for the “Amish Rifle,” but he refuses to give in because he had undying faith in his abilities.

He views himself as a gunslinger, and even though the talent isn’t there, the mentality makes him very successful.

That’s why he was willing to take a gamble on himself, even though he is getting up there in years and the Jets had a multiple year deal on the table.

What the Jets seem to forget is that this Fitz is a thinker, and with aging veterans all over this team, the team’s window may be closing quickly.Fitzpatrick just gave himself the motivation he and this team need to get over top, by signing a one year deal and putting himself back in a contract season.

It may be the the smartest thing the Harvard grad had ever done, because when it comes down to it…
It’s about damn time!

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