Valentina Dominated!

This fight took place Saturday night July 23rd. The main event for this UFC fight was Holly Holm vs. Valentina Shevchenko. 

This is the first fight Holm has had since losing the belt to Meisha Tate in March. Holly came out in the first round looking strong which was great, since she was the favorite in this match. 

All you heard was the crowd scream “Holly, Holly”.

 The two women have very similar fighting styles. Holm style is kickboxing and boxing, Shevchenko style deals with some kickboxing, but more Muay Thai with a lot of counter strikes. 

Holm was able to knock Shevchenko on the ground. All you heard was the crowd scream “Holly, Holly”. Shevchenko was able to take down Holm, but Holm was able to get back to her feet immediately. Things quickly changed for Holm for the rest of the fight.

It is now the second round and it started off slow. Holm completely missed hits and kicks on Shevchenko. Holm started to look sluggish and unfocused. I am personally starting to question why Holly decided to take this fight at this point.

She eventually did land some, but Shevchenko dominated in this round, as well as the rest of the rounds. She countered everything Holm tried on her. Shevchenko’s ability to time Holm’s attacks was awesome. At this point the Holly chants have come to a bare minimum.

At the end Holm tried to stand her ground, but it wasn’t enough. Holm for majority of the fight didn’t even really try to attack Shevchenko. 

It looked like Holly was just throwing punches and hoping for one to actually connect with Shevchenko, but that is Holm’s fighting style in almost all of her matches. She stands there, throws punches, kicks and hits air. Look at her fight against Raquel Pennington, Holm managed to land only 48 of an astounding 214 strike. 

With these types of numbers, I wonder how Holm was able to stay undefeated all this time. If Holm was able to connect in this fight it wasn’t with that much force due to the fact she was so far from Shevchenko.Shevchenko might have thrown less punches, but her accuracy was at 44% vs. Holm’s 28%. The reason Shevchenko throws less punches because she never led in this match. She always stood there and watched what Holm was going to do and then attacked. 


Holm had the only knockdown in the whole match, but she was taken down three times by Shevchenko. She did her homework on Holm, and many were very impressed by Shevchenko and what she was able to do against Holm.

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