Jordy Nelson Begins Camp on Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) List After Confirming Knee Injury

Packer fans will never forget the devastation they felt last year when it was confirmed that Jordy was placed on the PUP list and would miss the entire 2015 season after suffering an ACL injury on his right knee. 

The Packers started out great without him, but began to struggle after opponents realized that with Nelson missing, Green Bay’s offense had no real downfield threat.


The Packers never really settled in consistently on offense until Aaron Rodgers was forced to trust second year receiver Jeff Janis in the Packers second playoff game.

This year you could  feel the excitement circling through Packer nation as they started to learn that Jordy was making steady progress and appeared to be good to go.

Then this happens and you can already feel fans start to wiggle a bit in their seats…

Jordy confirmed that yes there is an issue with his knee, but this time it’s the left one and…

“We’re not worried about it. We’re going to work through it inside and continue to progress, and we’ll be ready to go at some point during camp and definitely for the season.”

He went on to refer to it as a “hiccup” and said that it was “minor” and that he wouldn’t put a timetable on it except that he would be ready for week one of the regular season.

Of course there is reason to panic if you are a Packer fan and had to sit through last season watching Aaron Rodgers force some balls and throws others twenty feet over his intended target’s head!

Jordy is thirty-one years old and not getting any younger, and now he has two bum knees, which is very crucial for a receiver known for his speed.

The good thing is even if he isn’t ready to go in time for the season…
There is always Jeff Janis.

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