Peter Wiseman’s Olympic Athlete Profile: Leila, Liina, and Lily, Luik -Olympic Triplets

Yes. You are seeing it right! There are three of them and they make up the “Trio for Rio.” The Luik triplets will make history the second the gun goes off.

Each country gets to send three athletes of each gender to the marathon and these identical, triplet, sisters swept all three for their native Estonia.

They have become very impressive and competitive for not even becoming interested in the sport until they were all 24 years old, but still feel they have some work to do before they can sweep the podium. 

“It is very hard to compete against the Kenyan runners. We are not at the same kind of level as they are now, but in two or three years we can do that.”

Leila, the oldest of the triplets, and also the one with the fastest finish so far, has a personal best of, 2:37:12. The bronze medal time at the 2012 Olympics, was a very impressive2:23:29.

The sisters, who are now 30 years old know they have the talent, but are still possibly missing the experience and training necessary to take it all.

They didn’t originally consider themselves athletic, but they have always been active and enjoyed dancing. They turned that passion into an Olympic dream.

Even though they are sometimes forced to train separately, the three know they do their best work together.

It is boring to train alone,” Leila said.

The three have found a way to support each other emotionally and even have designed some tactics, such as taking turns blocking the wind, to help each other strategically.

Their goal for this year is to finish together, to achieve personal bests and to do it all with a smile! Even though they may not say it out loud, they are all very competitive and always trying to best each other’s  time.

Either way, it will be hard not to cheer for the three sisters with blue eyes, matching blonde ponytails and identical uniforms to make some noise in Rio!

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