Baddest Man on the Map

His smile is the scariest thing about him, because it usually flashes the brightest when his opponent is still confused and trying to pick himself up off of the mat.

That happens quite often, as Gennady Gennadyevich Glovkin, better known as GGG, carries a record of 35-0, with 32 knockouts, 22 of them being consecutive.

Glovkin is one of the most humble men in sports, but he won’t hesitate to toy with opponents even after he knows he has conquered them. 

“I come to fight, I bring Big Drama Show.” He said when asked about his almost playful style. “I know about boxing for points, I was an Olympian. I have a lot of experience with that style from the amateurs. It’s not interesting. I can go 12 rounds with my jab and just moving, but why would fans pay to see that?”

That’s the beauty of Glovkin. He can lay an opponent out almost immediately if he needs to. He’ll also study the other boxer for 4 or 5 rounds and make you think it’s a close fight before he flat out destroys him. However, when he’s focused and in the zone, he will methodically whittle away at the challenger with that eerie smile painted on his face, and when the crowd is finally worked into the peak of their frenzy, he will lay him out flat.

The only knock against Glovkin, is that he doesn’t always play the best defense, but even that is deceiving. He doesn’t need to since, he has an iron jaw. He’ll take a punch or two to prove it, before he shows you the most devastating part of his game.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the biggest names in the world make every excuse imaginable to avoid fighting him.“I’ve fought the best,” Canelo Alvarez said,when asked about Golovkin. “I’ve never been afraid of anyone. My record speaks for itself. You look at my last 10 opponents compared to his last 10 opponents and you guys can see it. There’s no reason to be afraid of him.”

Canelo has a point. There is no reason to be afraid of Glovkin. Yet when it comes down to scheduling a fight, the superstar gives plenty of reasons.

The lack of big names in his history is not for a lack of trying. Glovkin has invited, challenged and even taunted the best fighters in his weight division and any nearby to step into the ring with him, but they refuse.

Canelo is so opposed to it, that he willingly handed the belt over to Glovkin rather than making him earn it in the ring, while making the excuse that he wouldn’t bow to “artificial deadlines.”

In the meantime Glovkin has continued to prove, he is the baddest man in the ring, and until another fighter grows a set, it doesn’t appear that anything will…

dim that smile.


  1. I do like GGG, I must say. I admire how he rarely (never?) gets involved in the social media bickering that can go on between 2 fighters, their trainers or their managers. He’s got a very dignified way about him. The man just wants to box. I can’t wait for his fight with Kell Brook and I’d love to see him fight Eubank. Nicely written piece 🙂

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