You Hate Him, Because You Ain’t Him

Chip Kelly stripped his latest team of superstars, replaced them with rookies and injury prone players, instituted a very complex offense, had to deal with ridicule  from almost everyone in his fan base, the league, country, and even overseas. 

He was bashed by former players and the media, and still managed to lead his band of “cripples, noobs, and misfits,” to a resounding victory over the defending champions in 2015, and had the team still in playoff contention in week 16.

The quarterback Kelly brought in with minimal time to learn the system, played two full games less than Aaron Rodgers, and finished with 96 less yards than the 2 time MVP. The quarterback Kelly traded for him, had 2,052 passing yards, 7 TDs, and 9 interceptions.

The two receivers Kelly gave up, combined for 127 receptions, 1,616 yards, and 12 TDs in2015. His top receiver hauled in 85 receptions, 997 yards, and 8 touchdowns, by himself, in just his second year.

The running back Kelly traded, produced 1,187 total yards, and 5 TDs. The back Kelly brought in accounted for 1,024 total yards, and 7 TDs. Oh, and the other one, 685 total yards, and 7 TDs.

The tight end Kelly drafted, finished 6th in receptions, and 7th in receiving yards at his position.

The reward the Master Builder got for stocking his former team with young explosive talent?

 A new team who is learning to appreciate his genius.

“I definitely believe that his system will help showcase all my abilities. Not just as a ball carrier, but also as a threat in the passing game. This system is just a blessing in disguise. I’m really looking forward to this year. I’m very excited about this year. I think it’s going to be an exciting year.” 49’ers, running back, Carlos Hyde, raved about his new coach.

“In the past we had a lot of delay-of-games because either we’re not getting the play in time from upstairs or it’s just taking the quarterback too long to read the whole play out. Where now, it’s a lot quicker. We have hand signals, so you can’t have 15 words through hand signals, stuff like that. It’s got to be boom, boom, boom. So when you got less verbiage, it’s easier to remember. It’s kind of genius.” 49’ers, tight end, Garrett Celek, said about the new system.

Chip Kelly is just one of those guys who is misunderstood because of the fact that he is way ahead of his time. He understands better than anyone one that the NFL is a big-money business as well as being a sentimental pastime for fans.

He knows that if you want a team that not only has big named players to cheer for, but is successful as well, it’s gonna take time, patience and even a little bit of frustration to build. I just don’t think he realized it would cost him his job in the process.

Even though he is brimming with genius, Kelly still has things he can learn, and he was lucky it came early in his NFL career. I think it still baffles him that fans would choose an exciting game or two over a dynasty. Yet either way they will find something to be upset about.

Chip Kelly is know for his his sharp quotes.

“You know you can’t control your own destiny? Destiny is a predetermined set of events, therefore if it’s predetermined, you can’t control it.” Kelly once said.

As long as he follows that, and instills it in his players, people will continue to hate him…

Hopefully this time, for better reasons.

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