You May Be a Green Bay Packer Fan if…

10. You have no recollection of a time period when your team wasn’t a Super Bowl Contender.

9. Your team has been lead by a future hall of fame quarterback longer than you’ve been alive.

8. You have no shame on game day!

7. You are convinced that camouflage, blaze orange and cheese are primary colors.

6. Your diet consists of only two food groups!

5. You are not a fan of rap, but know all the words to Lil Wayne’s Green and Yellow.

4. You have the uncanny ability to love someone with all your heart, vehemently hate and curse them, and forgive them completely. All in the matter of about five years.

3. You paid $250.00 for the right to be an “NFL owner,” and you mention it every time football is brought up.

2. You use this picture to win any and every football related Facebook argument.

1. No Matter what happened in the draft, free agency, or the preseason. Regardless of who is hurt, suspended or having a bad season on your team. It is always …

“Our Year to Bring the Lombardi Trophy Home! Where it Belongs!”

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