Fantasy Football Secrets for the Underdog Owner

This time last year, if you had somehow managed to draft, Andrew Luck, Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Kelvin Benjamin, Jordy Nelson, and Jimmy Graham on your fantasy team, then promptly taken a screen shot of your roster and posted it on your Facebook wall, everyone would be raving about how “ridiculous” your team was and how you were going to dominate your league.

On the other hand, if you had drafted, Blake Bortles, Chris Ivory, Latavius Murray, Allen Robinson, Bradin Cooks and Jordan Reed, you would have been laughed right out of your league before you even had a chance to win the Championship.

Do you see now why it doesn’t make much sense to invest all your time in mock drafting, studying last year’s statistics, and seeking out the experts advice on who will have a great fantasy season?

Drafting is more about strategy than about loading your roster with big names.

We all know that running backs get hurt and benched every week, due to injury, poor play, or because of a younger player who’s ready to step up and steal their job. So it’s wise to load up on them early and often, and never carry less than the league max.

Tight ends are a rare breed, and even though they are often overlooked, their points count for just as much as the other positions. It’s not a bad idea now to jump on one or two of the elite ones right away, especially if your league offers a flex. It’s always fun to roll out 2 of the best TE’s while the rest of the managers are scratching around on the waiver wire every week trying to find one.

Even the bad Quarterbacks score decent fantasy points most weeks. So it makes little sense to overspend for one early in the draft, when you can steal one later and still supplement your scoring very well.

Most teams these days are loading up with stars at the #1, #2, and slot receiver positions. If you multiply that by 32, which is the number of teams in the league, you have 96 solid receivers to choose from. That’s why I usually don’t even start thinking about a receiver til round 4. If you decide you need Antonio Brown in the first round, remember that you most likely just missed out on the “7” running backs that rushed for over 1,000 yards last year.

In other words, instead of drafting a top heavy team today, load up with a ton of consistent players who will give you at least 10 points a week, and let them surprise you later on. If you lose a game or two early in the season, that just gives you the opportunity to grab that guy no one had heard of, who just went off in Week 1 or 2, and is currently sitting atop the waiver wire.

If you still doubt me, login into your fantasy account real quick and check out the roster you drafted last year. I think you will be surprised at how different it looks from the roster you started in the last week of the season.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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