Milwaukee Bucks agree to an offer with “Dirtiest Player in the NBA” on the Opening Day of Free Agency

The Bucks are a young team loaded with height, length, athleticism and potential talent at every position. What they are missing is experience, 3 point shooting, a spark plug at the point guard position, and an identity.

They took a step in that direction today when they offered, Matthew Dellavedova, $38 million for 4 years.

Dellavedova made a name for himself last year in the finals, when he was forced into the starting line up and went toe to toe with Steph Curry. 

Even though he ended up on the losing side, he gain valuable experience and a reputation for being a gritty defender and a cold blooded shooter.

Delly’s shot should help open up the lane, and even though he’s not a shut down defender, his attitude is what should help what tends to be a laid back Bucks team, to finally learn to hold their ground.

Delladova has proven he can rattle even the most confident opponents and take them straight out of their game, and even though his play may not have been the reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers now own a Championship, he was definitely a key piece of the puzzle.

Milwaukee has title hopes of their own, and after a disappointing season last year, it is clear that talent and potential is not nearly enough to complete consistently with teams from larger markets. They need someone who can pack the home court and send a jolt of electricity through the crowd with slick passes, clutch shots and in your face attitude.

The Bucks have to cross their fingers that the Cavs don’t match their offer to the restricted free agent. If they don’t, Milwaukee may just walk away with the steal of the new, free spending, free agency era of the NBA…

And they may finally have the piece that can give them a new identity, and a shot at the coveted crown.

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