Peter Wiseman’s Player Profiles: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

It just seems like it’s been the perfect fit since even before it ever happened. The Packers had a glaring need at safety and Clinton-Dix was looking for a team that would give him a shot to put his talent to use right away.

The problem was, Clinton-Dix was drawing a lot of attention and was being slated by experts as a possible top 15 talent in the 2014 NFL draft, the Packers first round selection wasn’t until #21. It was definitely an intriguing scenario, but seemed highly unlikely that it would actually come to fruition.

Packer fans immediately fell in love with the prospect, but were trying really hard not to get their hopes up, until something happened that made having self control nearly impossible.

Clinton-Dix posted a picture on Instagram of himself in a Packers shirt after having a phone conversation with former Alabama teammate Eddie Lacy.

“Well, I had been talking to Eddie for a minute and I was looking through my bag and I was like, ‘Well, I guess I’ll throw this on,’ and it looked pretty good on me, so I decided to put it on,” Clinton-Dix said. “So, I was just hanging in my room thinking and I decided to take a picture on Instagram, and I put it up and it kind of blew up.” 

That was the end of the hoping for Packers fans. Now they just had to have the safety with the “funny” name on their team.

As luck would have it, he fell right into their laps, and General Manager Ted Thompson, who makes a practice of taking the best player available rather than drafting for need, got to enjoy the best of both worlds with this pick.

As if it wasn’t enough of a challenge for, Clinton-Dix, that the team he was drafted by was in need of a savior at the position he played, the Packers went ahead and added to the pressure by assigning him the number “21” previously worn by Charles Woodson.

Ha Ha answered like he always does when faced with an intense situation.

“I don’t feel pressured at all,” Clinton-Dix said. “I’m a very humble person. I’m going to get what I deserve and what I earn, so I’m going to put in the time it takes to earn that position.”

And that’s exactly what he’s done by becoming a big play ball hawk, persistent tackling machine, and the leader the Packers defense needed in the middle of that unit.

He is now anchoring one of, if not the best young defensive back groups in the league, and doing an outstanding job of it. The fact that he consistently makes the other young players around him better, shows he is not only embracing the roll, but completely owning it.

Just in case there are fans who still don’t know. Ha Ha, was born Ha’Sean Treshon Clinton-Dix, but his grandmother kept forgetting how to pronounce his first name, so she gave him the nickname.

If he keeps putting in the hard work fans and teammates have come to expect from him, it seems improbable that any one will have a hard time remembering his name any time soon, and if Packer fans get there wish…

He will have them laughing all the way to the Super Bowl.

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