When the Hybrid Bucks March Out 5 Power Fowards With Point Guard Handles… Who You Gonna Cover?

It’s not a perfect process. 

Of course there are going to be some growing pains and room for mistakes, but Milwaukee Bucks, General Manager, John Hammond, and Head Coach, Jason Kidd are definitely onto something.

They are putting together a newfangled version of “Showtime,” where everyone is “Magic.”

The newest addition is 7-foot-1, 216 pounds, with a 7-foot-3 wingspan, who can shoot, dribble, and pass as well as anyone on the team.

Bucks fans seem a bit frustrated and confused by some of the recent decisions, but who wouldn’t be? Most of the players don’t play the position they were drafted for. As a matter of fact, the team seems to be trying to eliminate positions all together.

The guy who runs the offense is 6-foot-11, not really that great of a shooter or distributor, but somehow the team functions well behind his dynamic slashing and dunking ability.

And that’s just the offensive side of it. 

Imagine trying to to execute a gameplan or a shot for that matter, when there are 5 human fly swatters on the floor, and the shortest one has a 6-foot-11 wingspan. 

And that guy is also the shooter on the team. The one the Bucks turn to when they need a clutch shot. 

Don’t get me wrong. The Bucks have struggled in this current rebuild, their win-loss record has dipped and spiked quicker than a heart monitor. 

They surprised us all two years ago with a winning season, and then this last year with a losing season, but “Money” has been the one player they’ve been able to count on and build around.

The spark plug on this team is a 6-foot-8,  250 pound, bolt of electricity, whose explosiveness catches opponents off guard as he surprises them with slick passes and monster dunks.

He’s the class act, and the quiet leader on this team of matchup misfits.

The rim protector is only 6-foot-11, but has a 7-foot-4 wingspan and averaged almost 2 blocks per contest last season. As a scorer, he is still inconsistent, but when he is on, he can be very difficult to stop.

As you can tell, this team is raw and jagged, lacking experience and structure. They are all young and trying to learn a system that isn’t completely evolved yet, and may never be because it is constantly mutating to fit the pieces of which it is made up. It’s a work in progress. A marvelous creation which should have been invented years ago.

When they said, “Own the Future.”

I guess they meant it literally.

It doesn’t even have a name or a style attributed to it yet. So far it is only the thing we can love and appreciate as the…

New Look Milwaukee Bucks!

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