If Brett Hundley continues to shine, Aaron Rodgers Could be on the Packers Trade Block in the Near Future

The Packers have made no secret of the fact that they are going to continue to build this team through the draft and that they plan to maintain one of the youngest rosters in the league.

They have done a great job of both, and are continuing to develop depth and stars at almost every position. One of the latest developments is at the quarterback position.

Last year the Packers traded up nineteen spots in the 5th round to draft former UCLA quarterback, Brett Hundley. He finished last year’s preseason as the top rated quarterback, with a 4 touchdown performance against the Saints and a 129.7 passer rating.

Ted Thompson has an eye for finding overachievers in the draft, and Mike McCarthy is known for helping develop young quarterbacks quickly.

One of their best known projects was Aaron Rodgers, who unexpectedly fell to Thompson and the Pack late in the first round, after being heralded as a possible number 1 overall pick, and they selected him in spite of having Brett Favre as their starter.

Rodgers developed quickly under McCarthy, and when he appeared ready to  start, Thompson didn’t hesitate to send  Favre out the door in a trade to the Jets, even though he had just led the team to a 13-3 record.

The Packers didn’t get much in return for Favre since it appeared that he was at the end of his career at that point.

The difference is Rodgers still has a ton left in the tank, and after watching how much the Rams and Eagles were willing to give up to get unproven signal callers in this year’s draft, it’s mind blowing to imagine what the cost would be for a two time MVP, with a championship to his credit.

There is no way of knowing if Hundley is even close to ready for that kind of a role, but the Packers did elect to let Rodgers skip minicamp to give Hundley reps with the first team, even though A-Rod probably could have used them after struggling to get on the same page as his receivers last year.

“You can’t buy these reps for a quarterback,” Head Coach Mike McCarthy. “It’s extremely important from a leadership standpoint.”

 “He’s night and day compared to where he was. He’s starting to look like Aaron dropping with his footwork in the pocket.” Quarterback Coach Andy Van Pelt added.

We all know what Thompson is capable of doing with just a handful of picks, imagine if he had a couple of first and second rounders to work with for a few years in a row.

Nothing is certain in this league, and even though a move of this nature would probably enrage fans for a moment , it’s nothing that another Super Bowl ring or two wouldn’t fix.


    1. Maybe I just don’t get it, sorry. Brett is deciding on retirement and the staff was deciding on trade. If it’s supposed to be funny because of Brett’s retirement decisions, just ask, “isn’t everyone entitled to chg their minds and this is a 16 yr career, never missed a game, and loved it and had more fun than any other player, in my opinion, so who wouldn’t be unsure?” Also, fun fact, he’s a Libra and one of the biggest traits us “indecision”. And if I have it all wrong, go figure.



  1. Easily the dumbest shit i have ever heard. Hundley will be traded…like the 4-5 that were traded when favre was in his prime. You dont trade the best QB in the sport when he’s still at the top of his game…you are an idiot



  2. Get a clue….write a made up story with an unrealistic trade scenario just so you can have one of your articles grab a Google headline……. please



  3. I think this is rediculus that they would want to trade rogers away. I dont think this will happen for a long time. Lets face it he is the face of the franchise. This is the dumest shit I have ever heard.



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