Brewers Getting Hot Just in Time for Summer

The Milwaukee Brewers started out the season at a very slow pace, but seem to have found some chemistry at the right time.

The Crew has won five of seven games in June after finishing out the month of May with a record of fifteen wins and fourteen loses.

Tonight’s win over the A’s which gave them a sweep in the two game series, has helped them climb to just three games below .500 with a total record of 28-31.

The beauty of all this comes from the fact that this is a rebuilding team that refuses to be held down.
It’s comprised of prospects that were brought in to lighten the load of the heavy contracts who filled up the roster.

However, the way these guys are playing, it’s not gonna take long before they start signing decent contracts of their own.


They’ve done it with savvy coaching, gutsy pitching, power hitting, small ball, and defense, in spite of dealing with injuries, and they’ve done it against some very good teams.

Last month the Brewers nearly swept the NL Central Division Chicago Cubs as they took two of their three games and lost the other game 2-1 in 13 innings.

They’ve done it by just having fun.

They aren’t perfect, but they aren’t intimidated by anyone either.

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