So did Y’all Hear What Jeff Janis did to Piss off Aaron Rodgers this time…?

The star of last year’s playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals, apparently cut off a route too early leading to an Aaron Rodgers’ interception, on the very first play of Thursday’s team practice.

The whole reason Janis barely ever saw the field last year, unless other players at his position were injured, was because Aaron Rodgers didn’t trust him. 

Rodgers reportedly didn’t trust Janis because he ran poor routes.

You’d think that after gobbling up 5 Aaron Rodgers TD passes in just two preseason games, that the quarterback would be looking for opportunities to find Janis any chance he could get.

Instead, he seemed to be punishing the young receiver by acting like he didn’t exist. At least until he needed him in one of the biggest games of either of their careers.

Then Rodgers didn’t hesitate to use Janis to move the ball down the field in a matter of seconds, for the touchdown that would take the team into overtime against the Cardinals in the 2nd round of last year’s playoffs.

You would think 7 catches, for 145 yards, and two TDs, in the biggest game of the year, would be enough to get him out of his quarterbacks doghouse, right?

That didn’t appear to be the case when, Ladarius Gunter, picked off a pass that was thrown behind Janis and would have turned into a touchdown in a regular game.

I get it. Rodgers is a competitor, and wants his receivers to give it their all on a regular basis.

And yes, Janis can be flighty sometimes and mess up.

But we all can see he has mad talent, and with Jordy Nelson recovering from a season ending injury, and getting up there in years, and the inconsistent mess that was Randall Cobb last year, Janis may just be the best option on this team, and at some point Rodgers needs to acknowledge that.

Shake it off fellas.

The games that matter are still a long way off.

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