Johnathon Villar is Quickly Blossoming into a Star in his First Year at Shorstop for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Villar is bringing it old school for a Brewers team who to this point was desperately in need of an offensive spark.

He leads the league with 19 stolen bases after swiping 14 in the month of May. He drives opposing pitchers nuts with his aggressive style on the base paths and isn’t afraid to take a risk to grab that extra base.

He’s currently carrying a career high .305  batting average since coming to the Crew, after spending his first three years with the Houston Astros.

Not known for his power he came through in the clutch for the Brewers for his third home run of the season in the Brewers latest win against the Phillies.

“That’s not my game.” The native of the Dominican Republic said after the game. “But to hit a home run, I’m happy with that.”

His game, is manning the shortstop position with dynamic defense, setting the table with solid hitting and speed, and electrifying the crowd with passion.

He has done one heck of a job of it as he led the Brewers to 7 wins in their last 10 games.

The rest of league is taking notice and Villar made a bid for his first All-Star selection while batting .355 with 16 runs batted in, 14 stolen bases, 20 walks and a .450 on base percentage last month.

“I’m trying hard for that,” he said. “I like to try. My family is happy if I go to the All-Star Game.”

If Villar has one fault it’s that sometimes he tries too hard. Because of that he has been caught stealing 7 times.

However, the Brewers love having him at the top of the order and have no plans to slow him down anytime soon.

Villar, who only knows how to play with one gear, has no intention of slowing down either. Especially not with minor-league shortstop phenom Orlando Arcia barking at his heels.

No one has any idea what the future holds for Villar, but one thing is for certain…

Brewers fans are going to really enjoy watching it unfold.

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