Nothing has Been Able to Tame that Warrior Spirit.

Even when they were down three games to one and being flat out embarrassed by the OKC Thunder, it was impossible for any true NBA fan to rule out the defending champions. They’ve done the impossible too many times.


You can ask all the questions you want:

Could they beat Jordan and Pippen’s Bulls?

Is Klay Thompson overrated?

Is Steph Curry the best pure shooter ever?

Is the league softer than it was a couple of decades ago?

But after the determination that they’ve shown this season, there is no doubt that they could beat ANYONE right now.

You can dissect and analyze any statistics you want and claim that one player is better than another, but unless you watch the game as its unfolding, no expert or hardcore fan has ever found a way to measure “heart”.

It’s bigger than the game, more sophisticated than science, and larger than life. It’s what makes us turn on the tv to watch the game even when we have more important things to do. It keeps us on the edge of our seats, with sweaty palms and racing hearts.

If we are honest with ourselves, it’s what gives us true fans the passion to live.

Only a select group of players have ever truly tapped into it. 

And love or hate them all you want, Steph, Klay and the Warriors are in that place right now as they march into the 2016 NBA finals.

They started the season by winning their first 24 games, crushing the original streak by 9 games.

Then had it snapped by one of the worst statistical teams in the league the, Milwaukee Bucks.

They didn’t let that stop them or even slow them down as they went on to set many more records including the most coveted one, previously held by Jordan and the Bulls.

They’ve overcome every obstacle, passed every test, accumulated numbers and shattered history, but in the end the true test of a Champion lives in a realm of its own.

It inhabits the Spirit of the Warrior.

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