The Denver Broncos Can Win Now with Paxton Lynch

I will rarely ever advocate for a rookie signal caller to lead a team. There are just too many risks that go along with giving a young guy that much responsibility before he catches up to game speed in a much faster league.

If he struggles early it can damage his psyche and ruin any chance for a successful career. 

The last thing you want for your young quarterback is for him to have the deer in the headlights look every time he steps on the field.

It can also stunt the progress of the team as a whole. 

The good news is he plays for the reigning Super Bowl Champions and you can’t get much more of a solid foundation than that.

With Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders lining up alongside of him, he will have two of the best receivers in the league to help him develop.

With C. J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman, he has two very solid if inconsistent running backs. Not the best case scenario but his agility should help keep opposing defenses on their heels in a case that could turn out to be mutually beneficial to this offense.

Then there is the Broncos defense. 

They may have lost a few key players but the base is still there for a unit who had a historically great season.

They would provide a very soft blanket for a rookie to fall back on as he tries to find his feet in what can be a very unforgiving league.

When you consider the fact that he will be replacing one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time it sounds like a extremely daunting task. 

When you realize that Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl while throwing 17 interceptions and only 9 touchdowns it makes it seem plausible that anyone can be successful with this defense behind them. 

The added bonus is that Lynch is an extremely mobile QB, and those guys have a reputation for having stellar rookie campaigns. 

What’s even more frightening is that at 6’6″ he has the size to scan the field and the arm to make almost any throw accurately. 

The beauty is he has both the offensive and defensive talent around him to allow him to make a few mistakes here and there on his way to finding the big play. 

“It’s a blessing to be here, to say the least. It’s good to have a team, a family to be a part of. Once I got here and walked in the building, it felt like home. It felt like I belonged here. This is a big family, from the players to the coaches to the fans. It feels good walking into a situation like this.” Lynch said.

If he can get his teammates to feel even remotely the same about him, this could be another very special season for the Broncos.

The only knock on the tall, extremely mobile, cannon armed rookie is that he scored an 18 on the Wonderlic test. That left a ton of scouts worrying about what the future holds for Lynch in the NFL.

However, if you dig a little bit into the history of the test, you will see that the average score is 20, just two points higher than Lynch managed and that Hall of Famers Dan Marino and Terry Bradshaw each scored 16 points.

The Broncos are not only in a great position to take a monumental risk but they don’t have very many other plausible options. So why not gamble on a guy who has superstar potential and who seems ready and willing to do what it takes to be successful?

“I’m going to do whatever I have to do to help this team win ballgames, whether it’s playing or helping the guy in front of me. My job is to compete with those other QBs. I’ll do what I have to do to help this team win ballgames.” Lynch said about his potential role with the team.

If that truly is his mentality, then he is exactly the guy you want heading a team that seems to be only missing one piece from returning to the big game.

Sure there will be a learning curve and ups and downs are inevitable on the big stage, but there is plenty of reason to believe the Broncos can have immediate success with Paxton Lynch.

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