Five Reasons Your Team Should Fear the Green Bay Packers in 2016.

  1. Ted Thompson dipped into free agency.

I’ve heard rival fans reaching for ways to discount the impact of the Packers signing tight end, Jared Cook. 

They’ll remind you that he led the league in drops at his position last season. That may be true, but is it also exactly why Thompson signed him. 

Green Bay is always looking for players who have more potential than other people see and sign them at a discount. The last two memorable acquisitions they made were Charles Woodson and Julius Peppers. 

If Cook has even half of the success that they brought, he will be a downright steal for a team in desperate need of a playmaker over the middle.

  2. They’ve finally discovered how to play defense. 

In recent years, the Packers offense has always been the driving force behind the team’s success. 

If the defense was on the field at the end of a close game, you found yourself on the edge of your seat grasping the arms of your chair with white knuckles. 

Last season the defense made a decent amount of ridiculously amazing stops and were the key to their fair share of victories. The scary part is they are about to get even better. 

This season, their brave young secondary will be even more mature and hungry to thrill and impress.

  3. Blake Martinez

Okay, I might be overreacting a bit about this kid, but I can’t help being excited about the Packers first 4th round pick. 

The stories go on and on about his almost lunatic passion for the game of football.

He dominated the Pac-12 championship game playing on an ankle he rolled in practice… He follows an insanely strict diet including no soda for 8 years. No alcohol or sweets… He even gave up pizza…

He showed up at the draft with all 32 hats…

The Packers greatest area of need going into the draft was a middle linebacker. We all panicked when they passed on the biggest names but it turns out they just may have found the best player available.

  4. The running game will be back to full force.

Last year Eddie Lacy looked like he had eaten Jerome Bettis over the offseason.

 This year the rumor is he is all fit and trim and determined to win. The offense will definitely run a lot smoother if Lacy is back to his old self.

Resigning Starks was an iffy call but now that he’s back you have to be happy. He brings much needed versatility to the Packers attack. 

Then there is the ever mysterious John Crockett…

  5. Aaron Rodgers will playing with purpose.

Critics won’t hesitate to remind you that A-Rod had a horrible season last year.

It was so bad in fact, that he ONLY threw for 3,800 yards and 31 TDs (a full 5 behind the league leader).

When #12 is at his worst, he is still capable of leading his team to overtime in the 2nd round of the Playoffs with a chance to play to go to the Super Bowl. This year he has Jordy back and the rest of his receivers have had plenty of time to earn his trust. 

I have a feeling this year Rodgers will have a chip on his shoulder, and we all know the end result when he feels he has something to prove.

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