Hey Ryan Fitzpatrick, Have You Lost Your Effin Mind…?

I get it man. You just had the best season ever by a Jets quarterback and it may never happen again so you want to capitalize on the opportunity.

It makes sense, but it’s the Jets and nobody really raves about their elite offenses.

As far as you go. You are not a great quarterback. As a matter of fact, you may not even be a good one.

What you are good at, is finding situations where you fit in well and building relationships with teammates who respect you as a leader on the field. 

Remember, this time they also need you to be that same leader off the field and that’s where you are failing right now.

The only reason you even have this opportunity is because of fantastic play by the players around you last season.

It would make perfect sense for you to return the favor.

Everyone knows that the Jets need you, but  the truth is you need them even more.

I’ve been pulling for you your whole career, and I’ve learned that you excel in situations where you have a great defense, a prolific running back and you refuse to give in to the “game manager” role. 

However, this is one time when you need to swallow your pride and get back to putting in work.

I have a feeling you’ll make the right decision.

Good luck and best wishes!

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