And with the First Pick in the 2016 NFL Draft…

The Los Angeles Rams select Jared Goff, Quarterback, Cal.

This benefits them by bringing a local kid from their new home state to fill what many think is their biggest need, and to help sell tickets in their new stadium.

Goff is the most NFL ready of any of the young QBs, but isn’t projected to have the upside of some of his counterparts.

It’s an exciting draft day pick which gives them immediate hope for the future.

However, with the price they had to pay to get it, This selection leaves them in a desperate, do or die, situation.

Best Case Scenario: Goff fits into the system flawlessly and makes them an instant contender.

Worst Case Scenario: Todd Gurley remains the centerpiece of this offense as the Rams continue to scramble to fill their offensive skill positions with far fewer draft picks at their disposal. 

For now…

Congratulations to Goff and the L.A. Rams!

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