All 31 First Round Picks of the 2016 NFL Draft Ranked in Order of Value to Their Respective Teams…

31. Seattle Seahawks – Germaine Ifedi 

 If the Seahawks really wanted an O- Tackle, I’m not sure why they didn’t trade up in a draft that was loaded with them, instead of trading back to get a guy who doesn’t even fit their system at their position of greatest need.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers – Artie Burns 

  The Steelers got the got the long athletic corner that they wanted. They are just going to have to wait awhile to watch him develop into the player that they need.

29. Minnesota Vikings – Laquon Treadwell

 You have a stable full of young, extremely talented receivers who are loaded with potential and waiting for a quarterback to help them develop. So you add another young, extremely talented receiver who needs a quarterback to help him develop to a team who has a passer with one of the worst statistical seasons last year. Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

28. San Francisco 49’ers – Joshua Garnett 

  This was the Niners second pick in the first round, and even though they may have reached and spent too much to get him, Garnett could just prove to be the best all around blocker in this draft. It’s confusing, but what about San Francisco isn’t these days?

27.  Los Angeles Rams – Jared Goff  

 There is not much to like about this pick except for the fact that the kid from Cal will be staying home to welcome back the Rams to Los Angeles. I think they would have been better off staying put to grab a receiver and hoping for a quarterback to fall to them in the 2nd round. This team has too many holes to mortgage their future on a guy who will have to carry a major load in his rookie year.

26. Oakland Raiders – Karl Joseph

  The pick itself looks good on paper, until you realize you are asking an undersized player with a history of injury to not only step in and fill a very physical role, but to also replace a future hall of fame DB in Charles Woodson. The Raiders are deep enough to be in a position to gamble. We’ll just have to wait and see if Joseph turns out to be worth the risk.

25. Atlanta Falcons – Keanu Neal

  In order to like this pick you have to have total confidence in Dan Quinn’s ability to build this defense in the image of the Seahawks D. I’m not completely convinced that they didn’t reach a bit for this kid who will spend the early part of his career developing. Only time will tell.

24.  Cincinnati Bengals – William Jackson III

  The Bengals desperately needed a receiver, and most likely were caught off guard by the fact that all four of them were gone by the time they selected. Fortunately, the had the presence of mind to still be able to fill a hole and add another great player to their already strong defense.

23. Philadelphia Eagles – Carson Wentz

  The Eagles reached too high and gave up way too much for an unproven D2 quarterback, but they got the guy they wanted. On top of that, they have a decent squad in place around him to aid in his development. If he somehow exceeds expectations they will look like geniuses, if he fails, they will have left themselves with hardly anything at all in the way of a backup plan.

22. Tennessee Titans – Jack Conklin

 The Titans did everything in their power to avoid drafting Laremy Tunsil. They dropped back and then snuck back up to get a guy who isn’t rated as high as Tunsil but might just be a great fit in their system. If nothing else they still have a load of picks tucked away in their back pocket.

21. San Diego Chargers – Joey Bosa

 The Chargers have so many needs that this pick seems more like a stepping stone for the future rather than a selection that makes them instantly better. However, If Bosa lives up to the hype, both of those scenarios could come true.

 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Vernon Hargreaves III  

 Nothing against Hargreaves, but the Bucs play in a division loaded with giant athletic receivers and for some reason decided to select an undersized cover corner. I am sure over time he will still develop as a great defender but for now the logic just doesn’t add up.  

19. Cleveland Browns – Corey Coleman

 The Browns grab a great player here but I’m not convinced he was the best building block for a team that needs so much. The grade goes more to the player himself than the front office on this one.

 18. Green Bay Packers – Kenny Clark

 Their were plenty of big names available here, and the Packers had to once again avoid the “Sexy Pick.” The key is, they got their man and filled one of their major holes on defense.

 17. New York Giants – Eli Apple

 This pick wasn’t as earth shattering as some of the projected selections for this team, but somehow it just seems to make sense. The Giants defense was one of the easiest matchup for quarterbacks last year. Apple should be able to change that with the fire and tenacity he brings to this unit.

16. Buffalo Bills – Shaq Lawson 

 Rex Ryan wants another opportunity to try his hand at developing a dominant edge rusher and drafting Lawson gives him that chance. Now let’s see if Lawson can help this team gain some consistency.

15. Baltimore Ravens- Ronnie Stanley
 After an embarrassing season by their defense and with the top rated left tackle still on the board, this is a confusing pick by the Ravens. The only saving grace is that they still get a great run blocker, at a good value and protect Joe Flacco in the process.

 14. Carolina Panthers – Vernon Butler

The Panthers continue to improve an already frightening defense, and they do so by staying put at the end of the draft. Butler is ready for the NFL and should fit in immediately without missing a beat.

 13.Detroit Lions – Taylor Decker

 With the drama going on at the LT position, it would have been easy for the Lions to try to move up to get the guy they wanted. They stayed put and he fell right into their lap. It’s an extremely safe pick here but could prove to be exactly what the Lions need at this point in the game.

12. Indianapolis Colts – Ryan Kelly

  It’s not a flashy pick, but exactly what the Colts need to start anchoring that line for Andrew Luck.

11. Chicago Bears – Leonard Floyd

  The Bears need to get their defense back to prominence. This pick is a big step in that direction and should improve their confidence and morale as much as their performance on the field.

10. Washington Redskins – Josh Doctson

If the Redskins want to become a legitimate contender and prove to the rest of the league that last season wasn’t a fluke, they need to start putting faith in Kirk Cousins and start getting him some more playmaking weapons. Adding Doctson shows that they truly believe that they’ve found their man of the future.

9. New Orleans Saints – Sheldon Rankins

 The Saints needed to improve their defensive front if they plan to give support to Drew Bree’s and their offense.  They did that in a big way with this pick. They still need to fill some holes but the nimble footed big-man takes them a huge step forward in that direction.

 8. Houston Texans – Will Fuller

 The Texans are slowly but surely building a dangerous looking offense to go with their already frightening defense. You line up this speedster opposite of DeAndre Hopkins and d-coordinators have to be shaking in their boots. This pick is more about how it benefits the rest of the team than about Fuller himself.

7. San Francisco 49ers – DeForest Buckner  

 None of the experts seemed to have any clue where Buckner fit into this draft. Then they watched him be selected by a coach that is not only familiar with him but obviously covets his services. Suddenly everything makes perfect sense.

6. Denver Broncos – Paxton Lynch

 I would rate this pick even higher if Lynch was drafted as a back up. The fact that he is most likely going to be expected to perform immediately makes this a more interesting scenario. However, with the weapons he has at his disposal and his size and mobility, this could make him a early front runner for Rookie of the Year consideration.

5. New York Jets – Darron Lee

  It’s scary that the Jets keep improving this defense even though they have some major needs on offense. It’s obvious where their focus is and that they insist on putting the rest of the league on notice.

4. Arizona Cardinals – Robert Nkemdiche 

 The Cardinals were able to stay put and still get the guy they wanted. Nkemdiche is a perfect fit in this defense and makes them instantly better. Now they have the rest of the draft to add youth to their offense.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jalen Ramsey 

 This young team knows they are on the verge of greatness and they solidified that notion by grabbing one of the top prospects in the draft. Ramsey has a chance to contribute immediately on the field and as a leader for the Jaguars.

2. Dallas Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliot

 This seems like a bit of a reach considering the fact that Todd Gurley went 12th overall last year. However, the combination of Elliott’s tremendous skill set and the Cowboys o-line makes this an outstanding pick for a team who was finally able to admit they need a star running back.

1. Miami Dolphins – Laremy Tunsil 

The Dolphins owe a big thanks to social media for giving them the steal of the draft. A 4 year old video on Twitter sent the well rounded blindside protector into free fall that let him fall right into Miami’s lap at number 13.

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