Five Picks that Would Make this Draft Even More Interesting…

 5. Laremy Tunsil to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Everyone has the Jaguars going defense with their top pick, but if Tunsil falls to them, they should be inclined to snatch him up.

Despite the fact that Blake Bortles has led the NFL in sacks taken his first to years, he is still developing into one of the leagues top passers.

Imagine the damage he could do if he had a top LT watching his back.

To some it may seem like a luxury pick. 

However, if the Jags want to keep their young passer upright, it seems like an absolute necessity.

  4.Corey Coleman to the Houston Texans.

Last season this kid had 20 receiving touchdowns in college. 

Brock Osweiler has to be thrilled that he will throwing the ball to DeAndre Hopkins. 

Imagine his delight if he had Coleman on the other side.

With the addition of Lamar Miller at running back, this offense could go from one of the most one dimensional units last season, to one of the most dangerous this season, with just one pick.

Couple that with an elite defense and you have an immediate contender.

  3. Paxton Lynch to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings have the best running back in the game. A stifling defense, and a young receiving core loaded with untapped talent.

Throw in a mobile quarterback with the ability to throw the deep ball well, and you might just have the most complete team in the NFL.

  2. Deforest Buckner to the Raiders.

This kid could go top 5, but if he somehow falls to the Raiders, this would be a franchising changing selection for a team who is already about to start making some noise. 

Opposing offenses would have to choose between containing him or Khalil Mack, and even the slightest mistake could prove fatal.

Raiders fans have their sights set on a defensive back, but once the season starts and they feel his impact, I would doubt any of them would be complaining.

  1. Derrick Henry to the Dallas Cowboys

Henry has the makings of a solid NFL running back, but with the Cowboys offensive line, he could be Emmit Smith with a bit more “get up and go”!

Once this kid gets a head of steam going, he is hard to bring down, and the Cowboys front 5 seem like the perfect match to give him that advantage.

The Cowboys offense has been looking for a spark and this guy may just be the one to provide it to them.

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