Peter Wiseman’s NFL Power Rankings 2016 (pre-draft edition)

  32. Cleveland Browns 

The Browns are basically starting over this year after losing a bunch of key players in free agency and adding RGIII to compete for the quarterback position. The changes may bring some excitement, but I don’t see much improvement anytime soon.

 31. San Francisco 49’ers

It’s sad to see this once classy organization suddenly in shambles. I don’t see them staying down long, but it could be a rough process trying to gain back respect.

  30. Tennessee Titans 

It’s going to be exciting to see what the Titans do with their influx of rookies. I think they have a decent future ahead of them, but for now, I would say this season will be a learning experience at best.

  29. Chicago Bears

The Bears lost a couple of their best offensive playmakers which will definitely affect this team. However, they will never amount to much as long as they keep Jay Cutler under center.

  28. San Diego Chargers

This is actually a very talented team who just happens to play in one of the toughest divisions in the league. The AFC West could legitimately have three playoff teams this year. Too bad for the Chargers they won’t be one of them.

  27. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens surprised themselves and everyone else with a huge drop-off last season. They will try to repair their defense on the fly and prove that last season was a fluke. In the meantime  I see more rough sailing ahead.

  26. Philadelphia Eagles

Had the Eagles just left well enough alone and stuck with the guy who was rebuilding them into a well oiled offensive machine, they would probably be headed for a playoff berth this season. Instead, they put themselves in, “trade a bunch of great draft picks for a quarterback who may have a chance to be mediocre someday,” mode. Great choice?

 25. New York Jets

At one point last season, Chris Ivory, was considered the best running back in the league. Ryan Fitzpatrick, had the best statistical season ever by a Jets quarterback. Now Ivory is a Jaguar, and Fitzpatrick is holding out. Not a good scenario for a team who was actually knocking on the door to greatness just a few months ago.

  24. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are coming off a very heartbreaking year after starting the season as one of the best teams in the league and then falling flat on their faces. That usually means the problems are upstairs rather than on the field. Hopefully they can figure it out before it’s too late.

  23. Dallas Cowboys 

Yes Tony Romo will be back… but for how long? This team has proven that they can’t win without him,m and how good can they possibly be with him, at this point in his career?

  22. Miami Dolphins 

On paper this should be one of the most dominant teams in the league. In reality they won’t even be that competitive in their own division. Instead of adding old d-linemen, this team should really start looking to start over with a youth movement.

  21. Los Angeles Rams

This team picked a horrible year to go all in for a franchise quarterback. Their fans may get excited for now, but they are headed for a long and grueling trip to the league basement. 

 20. Washington Redskins

Last season the Redskins got hot at the right time, won a very weak division, snuck into the playoffs, and got embarrassed by a wild card team. They may have a bright future, but it seems they have a bit more experience to gain before they can be taken seriously.

 19. Jacksonville Jaguars 

This young Jaguars team is loaded with talent and is the “sexy pick” as a dark horse in the AFC. The problem is they know it. Overconfident speak off the field before the season begins, rarely leads to good things on the field. 

 18. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are strongly becoming the most consistently underachieving team in the history of the NFL. Look for them to keep cementing that legacy even further this year.

  17. New Orleans Saints

Last season Drew Brees started one less game, and threw for exactly 100 more yards than Tom Brady. Yet New Orleans lost five more games than New England. Am I the only one baffled by the notion that  the Saints have done very little to improve their defense this offseason? 

 16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The Bucs have a ton of young talent on offense and made huge strides last season. If this group continues to gel, the best is yet to come.

 15. New York Giants 

Eli Manning can no longer say he has more rings than his older brother. However, it appears he has finally got his groove back, and has this offense firing on all cylinders. When they figure out their defense, this team will be dangerous at the very least.

 14. Detroit Lions

On paper, Detroit is one of the most talented teams in the league. Without Megatron as an outlet, Matthew Stafford will be forced to make good throws to his arsenal of talented receivers. They will most likely start out slow again, but should finish even stronger than last year. 

 13. Houston Texans

The Texans have one of the best players in the league on either side of the ball. Their defense has been  dominant as of late. If the new additions on offense live up to their potential, this team will be very exciting to watch next season.

 12. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have the best running back in the league and a top rated defense. They are still just a quarterback away from being one of the best teams in the league. 

 11. Indianapolis Colts

If the Colts had any idea how to build a team around Andrew Luck, they would be downright unstoppable. Even so, they will be competitive as long as he stays healthy. 

 10. Oakland Raiders

There is always that team that fans can confidently count on to have a bad season. Well, those fans are about to have their worst nightmare come true. Like it or not, the Silver and Black are on their way back.

    9. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are getting older at key positions. After being rejuvenated for a season, and going all in on a deep playoff run, it would just make sense that we may see age take over down the stretch for this once promising team. 

  8. Cincinnati Bengals

If not for an  injury, Andy Dalton would have tied Joe Flacco’s record for most consecutive playoff appearances by a quarterback to start his career. A very impressive feat for a player who has become nothing more than a punchline. After losing a lot of offensive weapons, it may be difficult for the “Red Rifle” to stay at the top of his game. However, the Bengals still have a good enough defense to give him a shot at his first playoff win. 

  7. Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid has mastered the art of getting teams to the playoffs. Until he can bring home a trophy, his team’s will continue to get less credit than they deserve. 

 6. Pittsburgh Steelers

This offense may be full of offenders and injury prone stars, but when they are on the field, the “Killer B’s” are peerless in their playmaking ability. Prepare for another almost great season from the Men of Steel.  

 5. Carolina Panthers

Last year the Panthers shocked the world with one of the best regular seasons of all time. The question this season, are they chasing the trophy or the limelight?

  4. Seattle Seahawks

I’m sure rival fans can think of plenty of excuses not to like the Seahawks Defense. Even so, I’m sure opposing offenses can think of plenty more.  

 3. Denver Broncos

There were plenty of reasons why the Broncos shouldn’t have won the Super Bowl last season. This year there are even more. That defense though…

  2. Green Bay Packers

The Packers making the playoffs has just become an annual tradition, but inconsistency and injuries keep getting in the way of them taking the final step. Is this the year they finally stay healthy, and prove the experts right? 

 1. New England Patriots

There isn’t a coach in the league that is more prepared for whatever situation you try to use to confuse and distract him. Bill Belichick thrives on controversy. The league has unwittingly played right into his strength. Now he has even more fuel for his undying fire.

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