Could the Los Angeles Rams Seriously Have Burned Multiple Draft Picks to Select One of These Two…?

I would hope that the Rams front office has some sort of insider information that nobody else is aware of.

I get it that multiple people in that organization are on the hot seat, but really? 

Do you mortgage the next two year’s drafts, and your franchise on the back of a guy that probably won’t even be ready to succeed until you’ve all already lost your jobs anyway?
And who the Hell is he going to throw to? 

By the time the Rams finally make another selection this year,  any receiver that would make noise will probably be long gone.

I know his main job for the next few years is just going to be handing off the ball to Todd Gurley, buy couldn’t anybody do that?

Their defense is stacked, but you would hope that their plan is to go after one of the linebackers or corners who could actually change a franchise. 

Or Hell why not build up your offensive line so when a real quarterback comes around you’ll be able to protect him?
This is an epic display of the misleading effect so called experts can have on the draft day experience.

Neither of these quarterbacks should have higher than a late 3rd or 4th round rating, but because they are the best at their positions, all of a sudden teams are not only willing to spend a first overall pick, but to also mortgage their future to do it.

I hope for Rams fan’s sake that I’m wrong… 

But I have a feeling we will be laughing about this one for a longtime.

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