Rams get #1 Overall pick, but Titans are the Clear Winner In Pre Draft Trade

In what could be the biggest news of the preseason, the  Rams have made a move to jump ahead of the rest of the field and grab the first pick of the draft.

We all had an idea that the newest team in L.A. would want to make a splash in their first season back home. I don’t think any of us expected them to mortgage their future for that opportunity.

On Wednesday night, the Rams gave up 6 total picks, including 4 this year. A 1st rounder (15th overall), two 2nd rounders (43rd, and 45th overall), and a 3rd rounder (76th overall). They also gave up a 1st and 3rd rounder next year.

In return they got three picks this year, the  Titans 1st rounder (15th overall), 4th rounder (117th overall), and a 6th rounder (117th overall).

If their was a franchise player at the front of the draft this year, this may be be a worthwhile move.

Instead we have to think, it’s just another ploy to excite a fan base and to fill up the seats.

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