Aaron Rodgers will Win his 3rd MVP this Year if…

He stops trying to over analyze his receivers, and just goes back to slinging the rock with confidence.

Last year he told us he had faith in Davante Adams and Andrew Quarles, and we all saw how that turned out.

He also told us that he didn’t trust Jeff Janis… 


When AR-12 started running toward his left, with zero seconds remaining  in the game against the Lions, switched back to the right and outran a pair of defenders to get a running start and launch the ball 60+ yards to the endzone, he didnt seem to give any thought to how much faith he had in his receivers

He was just making a play…

That scenario is exactly when Rodgers is at his best. 

The Packers offense is always so much more electric when A-Rod is on the loose, scrambling for a first down, or pump-faking a receiver open downfield.  


On paper, Rodgers doesn’t have the earth shattering numbers that would convince anyone that he is the greatest quarterback.

However, he does own the best quarterback rating of all time, and there is no number that defines a passer better than that. 


He is ridiculously efficient, and when he is on, there is no one more precise or accurate.

With that being said, it’s more important that his receivers trust him, and if you watched Jeff Janis high point that ball in the end zone against one of the top corners in the league, and bring it down for a game tying score, you know these guys are constantly aiming to please their leader.

If you watched the Packers Super Bowl, you remember that Rodgers hasn’t always been this picky.

Jordy Nelson kept dropping the ball, in what turned out to be his breakout game, but Rodgers kept feeding it to him anyways, and the rest is history. 


Right now, Rodgers has the deepest, most complete and most versatile group of weapons he has ever had.

After a year, of sloppy play, broken routes , constant pressure, and dropped balls, Rodgers is definitely not ready to give up.

If anything, I would guess he is planning something special for the league this season. 


If he stays focused and levelheaded, his numbers this year, will be legendary.

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