The 2016 Packers Offense is Getting Set Up to be the Best Ever…

Going into 2015, the Packers offense was set to explode.

They had the best quarterback in the league coming off of his 2nd MVP season. 

A thunder and lightning running back duo…

A top rated offensive line…


And the best receiver combo in the league…


 Jordy Nelson’s year ending injury in the preseason threw a monkey wrench into what appeared to be a deep and dangerous, well oiled machine.

The o-line faltered on a regular basis. The run game was highly inconsistent. The receivers struggled to stay on the field and couldn’t run a route or catch the ball to save their life, and all of those factors seemed to rattle Aaron Rodgers, who struggled to stay focused in the red zone.


The good news is Jordy Nelson is back, way ahead of schedule, and set to mentor a receiving core that is brimming with talent.


That will allow Randall Cobb to resume his role as the number two receiver and a versatile playmaker with mind numbing ability.

James Starks is re-signed, and Eddie Lacy is looking fit and trim and ready to eat defenses alive again.

The Packers also bolstered their tight end group by adding Jared Cook in free agency. He is set to be a force in the middle of the field, so Richard Rodgers can once again focus on dominating in the red zone.


Now that defenses have to focus extra attention on Nelson on the outside, and Cook up the middle, the o-line should be able to get their feet back under them and re-established their dominance, which should help A-Rod get comfortable again, and open up more holes for Lacy and Starks. 

This should help the young players like Davante Adams, Ty Montgomery, Jared Abbrederis, Jeff Janis and Richard Rodgers be able to continue to develop their skills and maturity.

If all of these things fall into place as the Packers hope. This could turn out to be the best offense the Packers have ever had. 


If Aaron Rodgers can maintain the rythmn he had in the playoffs this could become the best offense of all time.

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