Shame on Bucks Fans!

This season started out almost exactly like it should have for a team in their second year of rebuilding.

They were sloppy and had no chemistry. They made bad passes and missed easy shots. They struggled on defense…

but nobody seemed to understand.

How could this be happening?

The year before they won 41 games and made the playoffs, even without injured rookie, Jabari Parker, for most of the season.

Now Parker was coming back and they added coveted big man, Greg Monroe, to help with scoring and rebounding in the post. 


Fans were going insane with the possibilities. 

They could win 60 games.

They could lock up a top spot in the East.

Hell, do we dare say, “They could win it all?”

I get it. The natural progression after having a good year, and then adding star players, seems to be a better season.

I can’t blame fans for thinking that way, because most of the general managers in all 4 major sports still haven’t figured that out.

“Winning”…in the words of Yogi Berra…”is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.”

The Bucks definitely have the physical ability to win now. They are tall, young, and athletic. They’ve got ups and jams. 


They just don’t have the experience and maturity yet.

That’s precisely why they can dominate the best team in the league and then fall flat on their faces. 


And it’s exactly why you don’t get overly excited about a team that had the worst record in the league just two years ago, and who’s stars where still in diapers when Tim Duncan was drafted into the league.

However, that doesn’t  mean you can’t be proud of them and support them.

Giannis Antetokounmpo just became the first Milwaukee Buck in history to record 4 triple doubles in a season.  


A season where his own fans are cheering for him to fail.


They want him to tank this season, so the Bucks can “possibly” win the lottery and add another inexperienced young star who will take time to gel with the team and develop.

Because they haven’t  learned yet that adding talent doesn’t equal instant improvement.

Because the Greg Monroe signing wasn’t enough to prove to them that changing the chemistry of a team can actually make you take a step back.

Despite all of that, Jabari, Giannis, and Khris, want to play their hearts out now. Even if they finish the season with a very mediocre record, miss the playoffs, and get a lousy pick in the draft. 

Who are we not to cheer for them? 


To not be proud of them for giving their all in the middle of a hopeless season?

Isn’t that even more impressive then if they won a ring?

Isn’t the confidence that they are gaining from this struggle exactly what’s going to win them one of those rings someday?

Would they be better off adapting a loser mentality now, just to try to change that later in order to win?

This team has 3 of the best up and coming  young stars in the league and are possibly on their way to dominance. 


Even if they aren’t, they are doing things that we have the honor of appreciating and celebrating righ now.

Get behind your team Bucks fans, or you just might miss out on something amazing.

You may just learn that the future is already in progress.

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