The Perfect Saint

This is a follow up to my previous article, “Exposed: the Secret Life of Drew Brees” in which I attempted to make fans aware of the fact that Brees just may be the most underrated quarterback of this generation and possibly all-time. 


The story was met with mixed reviews.
Fans were shocked to learn that their  hero was much more accomplished then even they were aware. 

They seemed pleasantly surprised at his consistency over the 10 years he has spent as a Saint (Brees has averaged over 4,800 yards and 35 TDs) and he has thrown for 5,000 yards in 4 separate seasons which is the same total as all other quarterbacks in NFL history combined. 


Saints fans eagerly reminded me that Brees is only 5’10, which is widely considered too short for a quarterback to make it in the NFL, much less achieve that level of success. 


The other great quarterbacks of this era are all considerably taller. Peyton Manning stands at 6’5, Tom Brady 6’4, Aaron Rodgers 6’2. 


Critics argued that Brees was able to accumulate those stats because he plays on losing teams and takes advantage of garbage time to pad his numbers.

Once again Brees proves them wrong.

Since he joined the Saints ten years ago in 2006 the team has only had four losing seasons, finishing all four of them with a record of 7-9. They have had five seasons with double-digit wins, made the playoffs all five times, won the division 3 times and the Super Bowl once, for a total of 94 wins and 66 loses. 


Quite the improvement for a team that  was 3-13 the year before he arrived, hadn’t had a winning season in five years and had never won a Super Bowl.

The other argument is that Brees only looks better because he throws more passes than the other elite passers.

That actually plays in favor of the argument for Brees as he still has a higher completion percentage (66.4) than   Manning (65.3), Rodgers (65.1) and Brady (63.6) even after throwing a high quantity of passes. 


What we’ve learned is the  only way to consider Brees less than amazing is to remain ignorant of his stellar accomplishments.

The year he shattered Dan Marino’s record with 5,476 yards, he also threw for 46 TDs, his team won their division with a 13-3 record and he was somehow still snubbed for the MVP.

Aaron Rodgers who beat him by a vote of 48-2 had 4,643 yard and 45 TDs. 


Does anyone else see the bias?

Besides having one of the most dominant seasons of all-time, what does Brees have to do to be recognized?

What if he walked on water? 


He basically does that too.  


Through the Brees Dream Foundation, he has helped provide cancer patients with over $22,000,000 dollars.

That is just one of the foundations he supports and just one of the ways he has given back to the world.

He also improved the city of New Orleans by bringing them a Super Bowl Victory in the aftermath of Katrina.

He does it all quietly and with humility.  


Drew Brees is constantly proving that on top of being one of elite players in the NFL, he may just be…

The Perfect Saint.

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