Free Agency Starts Now!

The Los Angeles Rams added some intrigue to this young offseason by cutting 3 players that could appeal to teams looking to make a quick splash. 


What’s special about this case with James Laurinaitis, Chris Long and Jerad Cook, is they are all players that could improve a team immediately and unlike the other free agents, they are available NOW!

What makes it tricky is most teams are still trying to figure out where they stand with their own free agents, what they hope to accomplish in the draft and most importantly what they have available for cap space.

Laurinaitis is the most appealing because he is still in his prime and is coming off a very productive season where he accumulated 109 tackles, 1 sack and 1 int. 


He could be a solid  building block for a young team who is looking for a veteran leader or a great addition to a defensive unit that is already established and in need of that final piece.

He will probably come with the highest price tag of the 3 but should also return the highest dividends. 


Jared Cook has never been spectacular but then again he has never played in a top offense.

His numbers have been very consistent though and that should make him a prize for an offense looking to add some fire power. 

In a league with a depravity at the tight end position, he could instantly turn a team that is on the bubble into a title contender. 

The 6’5 Cook should come at a fairly decent  price cause of his lack of elite numbers.

Chris Long is the wild card of the bunch. 

He is only two years removed from being an elite pass rusher but due to the fact that his number decreased massively because of injury over the last couple seasons, he is the biggest risk.

If he can somehow manage to get back to the form that gave him 31.5 sacks in 4 years he could be a steal for a team looking to get pressure up front.

Either way, we need to thank the newest team from Los Angeles for providing us the first excitement of the 2016 season.

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