Is This the End of Cam Newton…

There is a new mentality in the NFL that if a quarterback loses a Super Bowl, it’s simply because he can’t handle the pressure.

Cam Newton has shown more than anyone that his game is completely ruled by emotion. 


When he’s winning, he’s confident and at the top of his game and he can’t control himself. 


When he’s losing…

Well, we all know how that goes. 

In 2015, Cam and the Panthers had a season for the ages. Only losing one game before ending their year with a loss to theBroncos in the Super Bowl.

You would think that would be enough for a young man who was close to convincing the league that he was more than just a running back who occasionally throws the ball.  


That he would be happy that he had a chance to win the “MVP.”
What Cam has proved instead is that he is not happy unless all eyes are on him. 


He wants you to know that he is more than a football player. 


Bigger than his team.

Bigger than the NFL. 


And ultimately larger than life itself.
Of course. He’s Superman! 


Then he wonders why people question him.

He thinks it’s because we don’t understand him. That we just haven’t ever seen a freakish athlete before. 


What we don’t understand is why he pretends to be part of a team…

Then quits on them. 


I think we are big enough as fans to forgive Cam.

I think we will even give him another chance.

The question is can he forgive himself for the fact that even superheroes have their Kryptonite?


Can he step out of his head long enough to accept that he is only human?


  1. Cam has proven to the world that he loves himself, and the limelight, more than his team. He lost the Superbowl…. It’s on him and no one else.



  2. GOD ALLOWED CAM TO GO THROUGH THIS TIME IN THE SUPERBOWL FOR A REASON. CAM, if you can only reflect on this Super Bowl as a brand new beginning, you are going to take the Panthers to a whole new level!!!
    Picture this: everything that happened to you at the SB game you never experienced throughout this season. There is always a purpose to God’s plan. Cam, you are anointed to play football just like Curry is anointed to play basketball. You know what you need to work on your self about. Trust God, get it right!!!!



    1. He needs to grow up first. Acting like a baby will get him nowhere. He simply isn’t mature enough to take the good with the bad. Dable dable!



  3. Cam put God above all things everything will work out God got your back you can do all things through Christ Jesus



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