Why the Packers Will Not Sign Matt Forte this Offseason…

There is no denying this guy is a straight up beast!

Yeah, he has finally hit the 30 year threshold and his skills may be slowly declining but Forte still has plenty left in the tank.  

On a good enough offense where he isn’t the main focus, this guy could still easily go for a grand on the ground and 5-7 rushing TDs.

What’s scary is that is not even the best part of his game.

At 6’2″, 218 lbs, Forte is at his most dangerous when you get him the ball with room to run out in the flats.

He has tremendous vision, nimble feet and a deceptively fast first step. 


He would fit perfectly as a change of pace or 3rd down back behind a bruising runner like Eddie Lacy and could give Aaron Rodgers that dangerous outlet source in the passing game.

He would definitely open up the offense even more so the Packers plethora of young receivers have room and time to learn.

There is no doubt he would love to be reunited with former Bears teammate Julius Peppers even if he had to take a little less money to accomadate Ted Thompson’s tight purse strings. 


And who wouldn’t want to finish their career with the best quarterback in the game? 

After a year where the Packers struggled to stay focused, it would seem reasonable to add a veteran who has been at this for a long time and is hungry for a Super Bowl ring.

So why won’t the Packers sign Matt Forte in free agency? 


It just makes too much sense.

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