The Quarterback Conundrum in the NFL Draft…and other ways GM’s make a mess of the league.

There are at least 4 quarterbacks that I have seen regularly projected to go in the first round of the NFL draft.  

With the success Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota had last year I can kind of understand the optimism.

But for every success story there is a Jamarcus Russell or Johnny Manziel waiting to laugh in your face. 

Worst of all is the daunting fact of how many talented QBs Cleveland has ruined for the rest of the league and yet experts are still encouraging the Browns to take a chance on another one this year. 


I get it. In this day and age you have to have a serviceable quarterback to make the playoffs. If you look at the teams that made it this year most of them had top notch passers.

What people are missing is that most of those quarterbacks were surrounded by premier offensive weapons and stellar defenses.

In reality, the four top quarterbacks in this draft shouldn’t go any earlier than the third or fourth round.

However GMs are in such a hurry to get their dirty paws on a great passer that they give up gold to get a guy that is barely worth bronze. 

Instead, they should spend their picks on building up their teams so that eventually they can plug a guy into their offense when he is ready, rather than making him try to carry the load all by himself.

The Browns seem to have finally figured it out last year when they spent 8 of their 12 picks on defense and the rest on offense without touching a quarterback.

By raising the value of the quarterbacks teams are spending way to much on the wrong guys.

Yes, the Broncos had Peyton Manning but we know it wasn’t his 9 TDs and 17 interceptions that got them to the Super Bowl.  


With these pass happy offenses even guys like Tyrod Taylor can go over 20 TDs.

So it’s time to start realizing QBs are not that important anymore if you have the right guys surrounding them.

Would you put a souped up V12 with turbo boost on a beat up rust bucket and expect maximum performance?

So why do we throw our future franchise quarterback into a mess and expect him to perform up to specs?

I’ll admit, Andrew Luck took off fast and made a bunch of noise. But then look at what happened. He burned out quickly. 

Guys like Blake Bortles and Derek Carr didn’t shoot up so quickly but are climbing steadily because they have a full set of weapons surrounding them.

There are teams like the Cowboys, Rams and Eagles who could benefit from adding a quarterback this year but even these teams have bigger holes that they should be plugging in the first few rounds. 


For example, what if the Browns or Vikings had spent the picks they used on quarterbacks in 2014 to acquire Allen Robinson who went a full round later?  

They would both be in way better positions than they are right now.
The problem with the league is not the talent level that is coming into the league but the way it is being abused.

If that doesn’t convince you here is a stat that may blow your mind.

The draft position of the top 5 quarterbacks from 2015 ranked by passer rating.

1. Russell Wilson: Round 3, 75th pick overall.

2. Andy Dalton: Round 2, 35th pick overall.

3. Carson Palmer: Round 1, 1st pick overall.

4. Tom Brady: Round 6, 199th pick overall.

5. Kirk Cousins: Round 4, 102nd pick overall.

6. Drew Bree: Round 2, 32nd pick overall.

7. Tyrod Taylor: Round 6, 180th pick overall.

Based on these stats you have twice the chance of getting a top tier QB in the 6th round than with the first pick overall. 


How is this possible? 

Most of these teams where focused on filling other needs instead of trying to get a QB right away. They built their teams first then added a passer.

So why aren’t GMs aware of this? Why do they continue to overspend? 

It baffles me. But I think this would be a great year to end the madness.

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