The Reason We all Love to Hate Peyton Manning is because…

He’s just too damn good.

I’m not even talking about his football ability. 

In real life, he’s “that guy.” The one we are all afraid of being in public but would love to be in a perfect world.

Constantly flashing that “cheese eating” grin and starring in goofy commercials.

I mean, even when we heard about the HGH we knew he it couldn’t have been his, even though in the darkness recesses of our hearts we were kind of hoping it was.

Sometimes we just wish he would cheat or dab or even throw his ping pong paddle at that that little punk that spiked on his ass. Just so we know he’s human like the rest of us. 

That’s why we love when he throws an interception in a crucial moment or just falls flat on his face and loses a big game. 

But none of that would make sense if he didn’t also have his supernatural moments on the gridiron.

When he’s just in that zone tearing up the defense and annoying the piss out of us by  pointing and yelling some nonesense. 

When he’s breaking records and putting up ridiculous numbers.That’s why even though he just had his worst season by far and we had a feeling he was going to choke in the Super Bowl.

There was also that part of us that wondered and secretly hoped we were wrong.

That’s why even though it was ugly, we aren’t that upset or surprised that he got the win. 


Or that he will ride of smiling into the sunset, as the man we love to hate. 


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