My First Move as General Manager of the Green Bay Packers would be to…

Package their 1st and 3rd round picks from 2016, their 2nd round pick from 2017, and send them to Cleveland for veteran LT and former Badger Joe Thomas. 


That way I would take a big step in straightening out the rubik’s cube that is the offensive line, and securing Aaron Rodger’s blind spot for the rest of his career.

After that, I would fire everyone on the training and medical staff, no questions asked, and hire a research team to figure out why the hell this squad can’t stay healthy.  


I’d follow that with a meeting with Tim Mastay. This guy used to be our secret weapon, now he has consistently cost us field position, and in my opinion a few games. We need him alive and kicking.


Charles Woodson would get a call about being a defensive assistant. Mainly because this young, docile team needs a strong, positive voice in the locker room, and I think he would be a great mentor for Ha Ha, Damarious, Quinten and Micah. 

In free agency I’d  go hard after Antonio Gates. I know… I know…he’s not what he used to be, and he’d cost a pretty penny, but after settling for field goals a ridiculous amount of times last season, we could finally give Rodgers a decent redzone target, and add another veteran leader to our locker room. 

There would be mandatory passing catching drills daily, and automatic benching for dropped passes.

Once the team is up by at least a touchdown,  Aaron Rodgers would have veto power over any conservative play calls, going for it on 4th down would be his choice, and the Hail Mary pass would be a regular play in the playbook.

The remaining draft picks would be spent on a edge rushing outside linebacker to eventually replace Julius Peppers, a hard nosed middle linebacker, an athletic nose tackle, a speed demon running back, and a sure handed tight end.  

After that I’d kick back, crack open a beer, figure out a way to heat the bleachers in Lambeau Field and enjoy the ride to the Super Bowl.

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