Why We Should All Boycott the 2016 NFL Season…

The only thing the NFL has going for it right now is fantasy football. We are all so busy trying to see if our latest waiver wire pickup is going to get us 100 yards and a TD, that we haven’t noticed the rest of the league is on a fast track to the trash heap.

The parity that we used to love so much, has gotten so far off, that teams are regularly winning their divisions with sub par records.  


I haven’t seen a league this much in shambles since Major League Baseball in the 90’s, when they juiced up the balls and the players, and turned America’s pastime into a out of control slugfest to try to win back the fans they had lost by taking away the purity of the game in the first place.

The NFL tried the same tactic by taking away the big hits from the defense, and putting a force field around receivers.  


Since that didn’t work, they have basically taken away the run game so teams just throw, throw and throw some more.

The 23rd ranked QB in 2015 (Tyrod Taylor) had 3,035 passing yards, and 20 passing TDs, on 380 passing attempts, compared to the QB with the most passing TDs in 2002 (Tom Brady), who went for 3,764 yards and 28 TDs, on 601 attempts.  


They’ve made in so easy that anyone can do it, and they want you to believe that sacrifing quality for quantity has somehow improved the game.

They added instant replay so we could feel like we were somehow in control of the game, but all that happens now is they blow the calls in slow-motion after allowing us to watch them several times.  


They’ve let us know that they have stolen the integrity of the game and there is nothing we as fans can do about.

It used to be that when there was a bad call in the league, fans would bring it up and complain about it all year.

Now there are so many bad calls every game, every week, that they know we will get exhausted thinking about all of them and will eventually give up and wait til we encounter the same debacle next week.

Even though they were adamant about defenders not touching the receivers, it happens on almost every play, but it’s up to the refs to decide which ones they want to call and which ones they want to allow. How convenient!


Now if your team loses on a bad call, and you bring it up, you are complaining and making excuses. If your team wins, opposing fans will dig until they find a play that looks like it possibly could have been a bad call and say you cheated. 


When did it get this far out of control?

When the regular refs had a lockout in 2012 and the league brought in replacements. That year we saw some of the worst officiating possible and the fans were in an uproar. 


For some reason when the “real refs” returned the officiating got better for a minute, but then it went right back to being awful.

Was the league just trying to get us used to sloppy officiating, so now we know we are just at their mercy no matter what?

The problem is, there are too many who just want to believe the league still has the integrity it had before the turn of the century.

These are the same people who refuse to believe that any teams could possibly be cheating, or that the officials may be influencing the outcomes of games. They don’t want to hear it.  They prefer to live in their happy place with the wool pulled over their eyes.

Then there are others who will tell you that it’s okay. Every team cheats so just get over it. 


I myself miss the NFL the way it used to be. I liked it when QBs had to earn their paycheck like everyone else. When officials made few enough errors that you believed they were actually trying to make the right decision.

I’m afraid that it’s gone too far. That if we ever want it to go back to the good old days where we actually got what we paid for, we need to start putting our money where our mouth is!

If we don’t do something fast our new favorite pastime will be gone and we will have to settle for watching the other type of football.

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  1. I am boycotting the first four games of 2016 season, and so should others. Regardless of what you may think of Brady or the Patriots, the NFL’s handling of the situation reflects what is wrong with American “justice” at its worst. Brady is either guilty or not. Instead, he is being punished because he might have / could have / probably did something and therefore deserves punishment. Now Brady’s sentencing and Goodell’s justice is upheld only on the grounds that Goodell has the power, right, and authority to do so. No where was the sentencing upheld because of evidence. Goodell’s decision to act in the name of preserving the game was certainly to preserve money, namely his salary.

    As a multiracial American, this sort of 6-gun justice is exactly what plagues American streets. Goodell just proved that it can happen to whites, too. No one person, here Roger Goodell, should have the right to be above right-and-wrong. He pulled the trigger on Brady because he felt he had to and needed to in order to do and to protect his job. In the process of his actions, apart from the process of justice, Goodell proved himself to be a self-serving bully.

    I have better things to do next fall and I do not want my son thinking that what Goodell did was remotely right. America once revolted from autocratic bullies and it is time to say “enough” again. Join the boycott and get a message to Goodell that his style of injustice is not acceptable and no place in America.

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