Aaron Rodgers is the Man…

They want to convince you that he is washed up and overrated. That he chokes in the playoffs because he can’t handle the pressure. That he is an ordinary quarterback who just had the worst season of his career.

Why do they want you to believe that?

Because they are scared to death of him! 


During the regular season opposing fans are not half as concerned about what their team is doing, as they are about what is going on with Aaron Rodgers.


Because when Aaron Rodgers has a horrible season, he throws for 3,821 yards, 31 TDs, and only 8 interceptions, leads his team to the 2nd round of the playoffs and takes them to overtime against the best statistcal team in the league. 


Because as long as the Packers are still winning, and Aaron Rodgers is still at the helm anything can happen.

The “choke artist” covered 101 yards in 55 seconds with no timeouts to score a touchdown, even though the refs blatantly ignored a pass interference call that ate most of the time off the clock. 


Rodgers didn’t let them get in his head, he just kept doing what he does best. The result was the 2nd best play of the season, a 41 yard Hail Mary pass to Jeff Janis.

Who had the best play of the season?

Yep! You guessed it. Aaron Rodgers, when he threw a 61 yard Hail Mary to Richard Rodgers against the Lions. 


Ridiculous plays are just “old hat” for the quarterback that the rest of the league fears.

They fear him so much that even the refs have to make up new rules to keep him off the field, and rival fans have no explanation for his greatness except that he is paying off the refs. Makes perfect sense right? 


They wanted him off the field even though his receiving core was depleted down to just 3 players due to injury.

That’s right! James Jones, Jeff Janis and Jerad Abbrederis were all he had left in his wide receiver arsenal when he led one of the greatest drives in playoff history. 

Yes, there are still good teams, and even great quarterbacks left in the playoffs, and yes we still may witness some magic in the next few rounds. 

But the league undoubtedly robbed itself of the perfect ending when it took the ball out of his hands…

Because Aaron Rodgers is the Man!!!

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