This is What Happened The Last Time Tom Brady Played the Kansas City Chiefs…

There are still people who think that the Chiefs 11 game winning streak, which includes the last 10 games of the 2015 season and the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, has been a fluke.

That is most likely because they don’t realize that Kansas City has had one of, if not the best defense in the NFL dating all the way back to last year.

The Chiefs who were 9-7 in 2014 and narrowly missed the playoffs, gave up less points to opponents then any other team in the league.

Their second greatest accomplishment that year, was a 41-14 destruction of the New England Patriots on Monday Night in week 4.   


The game ended so poorly for the Patriots, that Tom Brady was sent to the bench in the 4th quarter, after throwing an interception which was returned for a touchdown.  


This was just the culmination of a horrible night for Brady, who had thrown one previous pick and also lost a crucial fumble earlier in the game.

 It was such an “Unterrific” performance for Tom as a matter of fact, that people started questioning if he would be the starter for the Patriots going forward. 


To top it off, Kansas City handed the Patriots that loss with an offense that didn’t have a passing touchdown to a wide receiver all season. 

That was the main reason the Chiefs decided to reunite Jeremy Maclin with Head Coach Andy Reid in 2015.

Maclin answered with 87 catches, for 1,088 yards, and 8 TDs this season.  


Couple that with a defense who only allowed an average of 12 points a game over their last 10, and shutout the Houston Texans in their playoff game, to beat their opponents by a total of 330-167.

And you have a team that is geared up to not only have Tom Brady once again riding the pine, but has hopes to send him home for the season.

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