Somebody Please get this to Coach McCarthy before the Playoffs Begin… 

This Packers team seems to be in turmoil right now. However, I know they have the ability to not only  win the Super Bowl, but to also quietly dominate opposing teams all the way there. 

The keyword here is “quietly”.

Without Jordy Nelson, this is no longer the highflying, headline stealing team you are used to, but they can be just as dynamic and destructive if you follow a few key strategies.

Eddie Lacy has to be your main focus here just like he was when he dominated the Vikings a few weeks ago. 


I know it’s hard to believe, but your offensive line is way better at run blocking right now then they are at pass protection.
So the key is to get Lacy those one step cutbacks that he is so fond of using to gash some of the most “terrifying” D-Lines in the league.

If you run him to the left side on passing downs, you will keep those edge rushers honest and help out your blindside protectors when it comes time to play action.

Plus those guys on that side know they can beat your tackles to get to Rodgers, but they aren’t run stoppers, so you are giving yourself a huge advantage, and buying #12 a second or two once you get the momentum in your favor.

If you do need to pass early, don’t forget you have one of the most dangerous screen options in James Starks.  


Not only can he gash the defense and move the chains, but he also keeps the corners and safeties leaning in for when you want to run a quick slant to Randall Cobb or a corner route to James Jones. 

Speaking of Cobb, keep throwing him those quick hitters behind the line. One of these days he’s gonna break one for a big gain, and leave the d-backs staring at their jocks. 


While I’m on the topic, why the hell haven’t you benched Davante Adams yet? 

I get it. You want to make Ted Thompson look like a genius for selecting the best pass catcher out of that receiver laden draft, but save that for early next year, when you don’t have a Lombardi trophy on the line.

You’ve got two explosive threats in Jeff Janis and Jared “Abracadabra” -deris waiting to make their marks, and you know how much success you’ve had making stars out of no name receivers in the postseason. Give these guys the shot they deserve.  


If Rodgers doesn’t trust them yet, that just might be part of his problem. So shorten up their routes and let him fire quick passes over the middle to start gaining back his confidence.

You don’t have the fire power to burn teams deep on a regular basis anymore, but you can rip up the middle of the field when you need to. 

If you are afraid that the corners will cheat up, then let one fly to Jones every once in a while if that’s what you need to destress yourself, and keep them honest, but then hurry back to the original game plan.

I know you love to pass on 2nd and 3rd down when you only need a couple of yards, but that ship has sailed. If you’ve lost faith in  Lacy to do it, give the damn ball to your trusty fullback.

 Nothing livens up the stadium on a cold winter day like a heartfelt chorus of Khhhuuuuuuuuuunnn! 


It almost seems like blasphemy to say it, but with A-Rod’s nerves jumping all over the place, you need to utilize his best quality right now which is being a game manager.

Calm his nerves by getting him outside on a bootleg and let him make those quick easy passes to Richard Rodgers in the flats.  


Not only will that allow him to get his juices flowing by letting him sprint to the sidelines for a first down or to do that silly slide that always seems to electrify him, but it will show your blossoming tight end that you trust him.
Also, try to remember that unlike most other years, you can trust your defense this season. As a matter of fact they just may be your best asset.

As long as you keep the games close, and keep the other offenses honest, this is one of the most versatile defenses out there.

Please remember, that even though it’s been fun watching Clay Matthews show off his other talents, he is one of the most frightening pass rushers in the league.

When you get pressure on opposing quarterbacks, they are going to be more likely to test your rookie corners. 

From your experience back in 2010, I’m sure you remember how much fun it can be to watch young d-backs dance in the end zone after a pick 6 in the playoffs.

Also, let’s get Julius Peppers as many opportunities as possible to make those game changing big plays, by bringing him hard in pressure situations.


Once the opposition learns that it’s too dangerous to throw against you, they will become one-dimensional, and that’s when your big guys up front like Mike Daniels will eat their running backs for lunch. 

This team may be lacking confidence and momentum right now, but they still have talent in spades.

Make sure you remind them of that on a regular basis.

Since you lack any natural morale boosters and pep talkers on the team like you had with “Wood,” Driver and Jennings, I suggest you try to create one fast.

The best option I see is Damarious Randall. Anyone who can skunk a wily veteran like Dez Bryant without any prior notice, should have a voice in the locker room. 


If you have any more questions feel free to IM me. Until then…Go Pack Go!!!

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