How Important is it for the Packers to Win against the Vikings on Sunday?

The Packers clinched a playoff spot two weeks ago, just before beating  the Oakland Raiders, and after losing to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, have no chance of getting a first round bye. 

 So basically they are playing against the Vikings next week for a chance to go 11-5, win the division and play their first playoff game at Lambeau Field.

Yes, you heard me right. The Packers who everyone has written off and are laughing about, still have a chance to get 11 wins, and claim their division before waltzing into the playoffs.

They are still tied for the 6th best record in the NFL, 3rd in the NFC, and are still in 1st place in the NFC North.

A win against the Vikings next week will give them their 5th consecutive Division title, and give them back a little bit of momentum and confidence after getting their keisters kicked in by the Cardinals on Sunday.

But is it completely necessary in order for them to win the Super Bowl?

A loss on Sunday will actually leave them with the same exact regular season record they had in 2010, and would send them into the playoffs as a Wild Card team just like they were that year.

And we all now how that scenario played out!

The next 4 years the Pack have won their division, and the results weren’t nearly as good.

Am I saying they should lay down and let the Vikings win?

Never! Just like the Packers, I am always happier when the game ends with a “W”!

What I’m saying is, this team has always played better under adversity and when their backsides are pressed firmly against the wall!

We all know how the game played out last time the Green and Gold went to Minnesota on a losing streak.

Eddie Lacy and the running game punched the Vikings “elite defense” squarely in the mouth, and the Packers defense made the best running back in the league look rather pedestrian. 

I know what your answer is going to be, “The Packers offense is awful right now, and there seems to be turmoil between Aaron Rodgers and the coaching staff…”

Would you want it any other way?

Would you want your Quarterback to be happy with a year in which he has only thrown for 3, 530 yards and 30 TDs through 15 games.

Yes, you read that right!

Aaron Rodgers is only 6 TDs passes behind the current NFL leader and he is fired up. 

If you’re a Packer fan, that’s exactly how you want the best quarterback in the league feeling as he heads into the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy!

The only thing left for him to get his mojo back from 2010, is to bust out the “championship belt” celebration. 

So back to the original question, “How important is it for the Packers to win against the Vikings on Sunday?”

Not important at all. 

Right now there is only ONE game that matters, and that’s the first game of the playoffs! 

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  1. It’s a different year only similarities to the 2010 team is wild card spot the 2010 team defence led the league in turnovers or was in the top tier and the offense of 2010 could move the ball neither of those things are true for this year’s squad



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