Draft Day Dreaming

 The season isn’t quite over yet, but a quick look at the Tennessee offense shows a variety of holes that could be the focus of attention as the Titans start preparing for the upcoming offseason. 

So where do they start?


  1. Even though it seems evident the Titans have found their quarterback of the future in Marcus Mariota, who has accounted for 21 touchdowns and 3,070 total yards, he has shown flashes of inconsistency and has struggled at times.
  2. Tennessee also has a backfield filled with potential, with three starting caliber running backs, Bishop Sankey, David Cobb and Antonio Andrews who just can’t seem to hit their full stride for one reason or another.
  3. The Titans receiving core is loaded with talented players who seem to underachieve. Kendall Wright, Dorial Green-Bechkam, Justin Hunter and Harry Douglas, are all guys who have shown signs of brilliance but just can’t seem to get over the hump. 

The only solid position for this offense seems to be tight end, where Dellanie Walker has shone brightly, by hauling in 85 catches, for 994 yards and six scores so far this year. 


So what’s the solution for this franchise who is trying to start a winning culture? 

Fortunately for the Titans, they will have another top draft pick in 2016. That gives them a shot at selecting 6’5, 305 lb, OT, Leramy Tunsil, from Ole Miss, who seems to be a perfect match for this team.
I believe this young man who has already fought through various forms of adversity could possibly be the piece that completes the puzzle in Tennessee.

The main benefit they should gain from the 21 year old Tunsil, is as the blindside protector they need to keep their second year quarterback on his feet long enough to make plays. He is a natural blocker and is great at keeping his center of gravity low to lockdown on pass rushing defenders.  

Tunsil also has exceptional athleticism, agility and speed, which should allow him to be the building block Tennessee uses to solidify their offensive line and get one, if not all, of their three running backs up to par and help transform their stale run game into the dynamic asset it should be. 

He has shown that he can be a dominating force, both on passing downs and as a run blocker on the collegiate level, and all signs point to those skills translating well to the NFL.
Drafting another OT in Tennessee, just two years after drafting Taylor Lewan, may seem a bit excessive but would give the Titans bookend blockers for a passing game that could also use a boost. 

It may just provide that extra second or two for Mariota to be able to find pass catching machine Wright or to turn Beckham-Green into the dangerous deep threat they’ve been hoping he’ll become.
This may seem like a lot of pressure to put on one player who hasn’t even started his career yet, but the Titans and their fans can hope and dream that the key to a consistently explosive offense is only one pick away.

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